Dealing with Old Demons

I did a little five minute deliverance this morning for a friend.  There was an AHS in his foot guarded by a demon in his cerebellum.

I told the demon to leave.  It didn’t budge.  I asked why not.  He assured me he had been there a very long time and had an OLD right to be there therefore didn’t need to leave.

I get this excuse every once in a while and find it very amusing.

I explained in a slightly condescending tone that Fred was a descendant of Adam, and that according to Luke, Adam was the son of God, and that God was actually THE Ancient of Days.

I explained that Ancient trumps old and told him he was out of his league arguing time as a justification for being there.

He left.  AHS 3 SLG Coaching blog

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Demon, Part or AHS?

Jenny came to me with a “will of God” question.  She had sought God about taking some training and enrolled, then ended up in a strong push/pull.  She wanted to learn the material, but was doing very poorly and could hardly bring herself to go.

She wanted my advice on how to determine if it was God’s will that she quit.

Knowing the story, I was pretty sure she was supposed to finish, but I don’t like White Knuckle Christianity.  When she signed up, she was so sure it was part of her design, and so was I.

As I listened to her story, the push/pull stood out.  There was internal conflict.  So that means there was shame, fear, curse, demon, part or an alien human spirit.

Scrolling through the options, I felt I should try for an AHS.  With all my discernment tools, I could not reason confidently to one particular problem, so whatever I tried would be a guess at best.

Turned out to be a good guess.  I said, “I would like to speak to the AHS that does not like Jenny going to class.”

It immediately responded.  I asked politely why it objected to her taking the class, and it said she was no good, would never be any good in that subject and that there was no benefit or future in it for her.

The language and logic used by the AHS indicated that this was an older spirit, not a young, one dimensional child.  I carried on a small amount of conversation, querying what the AHS thought she would be good at.  It had no particular idea.

So I explored arranging for it to return to eternity, and it agreed and left.

Jenny didn’t want to hurt my feelings, but as glad as she was to get it gone, she still had no desire to go back to class, so she sadly told me.

I opted for demon next and spoke directly to the demon commanding it to respond to me.  They don’t always respond immediately, but the client can usually feel fear or defiance inside in the middle of the silence.  She listened closely inside and felt absolutely nothing.

It was possible that this was just a very determined, clever demon, but then Jenny shared that it had been difficult to go to the training for some time, but after the last time when the instructor had scolded her, it was just utterly impossible to think of it.

That was my clue that it was a part.  I said, “May I speak to the little one who was so offended by the scolding Jenny got last week?”

There was an immediate response of a five year old who was scared that I was going to scold and be harsh.  I reassured the part, got it to Original Self and in a few moments, integrated it.

Since most people have discernment they don’t pay attention to, I also asked Jenny if there were any areas of the building that she did not like.  She was swift to identify them, so I encouraged her to cleanse the land or clear out the demons, so that she was not pushing against that too.

I don’t know if she will finish the training or not, but it will be more within her reach now.

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AHS and Clothes

Sally needed a coat.

The process was familiar — multiple shopping trips; significant verbalization with her friends about not finding anything right; finally settling for something that was good enough.

And . . . shortly after she got home, she decided she didn’t like it.

She wrote me saying that when she put it on, she felt like a little girl, and she just could not wear it.  She was a grown woman after all and this was not suitable for her.

I intercepted her before she could return it.  Since she is somewhat comfortable with my abruptness, and since she had listened to the teaching about alien human spirits when it first came out, I simply said, “I would like to speak to the AHS that does not like the new coat.”

Immediately this adult woman was crying and the voice of a child responded saying, “I want my mommy.”

I comforted the spirit for a bit, assured her that Father knew where her mommy was and suggested that her best move would be to go to Father.

She was sort of willing, but afraid so I asked if she would like an angel to help her go, so she didn’t get lost.  She immediately acquiesced, I opened the silver channel and she left.

And now the coat is just as good as it was in the store, but Sally is still thinking wistfully of that extraordinary Italian winter coat she will own some day, that will perfectly set off her sparkling personality.

One wonders how many billions of dollars of clothing has been purchased by an adult in the store and vetoed by an AHS when they got home, and then returned to the merchant.

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1. Thyroid: Hypothalamus and Gender

In the protocol we were taught for using the EAV machine, the first step is to check the hypothalamus to see if it is “connected.”  The test is simple with a point on each side of the head.  Ideally the readings are at least in the 60s and the two sides register very close to each other.

Historically, we have rarely had a person come in who had their hypothalamus “connected” at the beginning of the test.  The next step is for the practitioner to bridge the gap with their hands, putting the long finger of each hand on the test point on each side of the head, with their thumbs meeting in the top-middle of the head.

The practitioner would hold that position for a couple of minutes allowing their own energy to “connect” the client’s hypothalamus.  We would then retest, and most of the time the two sides were within a point of each other, which was good enough to go ahead.

There, were, however, times when this did not correct the problem.

I always wondered about that, but we learned that we could do a work around for that and keep going after the data we really wanted from the brain.  But the problem sat on the back burner and fussed at me for the last couple of years.

We are starting a new project this week looking at the thyroid in “Fred.”  There will be more about that later, but I was emphatic that we are going to start at the top, not the middle.

The thyroid is heavily influenced by the pituitary which is influenced by the hypothalamus, so we need to figure out what is going on with the hypothalamus first and stop ignoring the problem.

Specifically, why is almost everyone off when they come in and why are they fixed so easily by the practitioner?  And if they are fixed that simply, does it hold?  My guess is that it goes out as easily as it goes in because the two hand bridge is just a patch, not a fix.

So, Fred became the subject of my crankiness on the topic.  On day one, we played it the old school way.  He tested unevenly.  Megan bridged.  He tested very close on the two sides after the bridge.  Old school works.  But would it hold?

When he came back the second time, he was two points off, which is really not too bad.  However, since I had an ax to grind, I wanted to see if I could fix it with prayer, without the bridge.

Since the hypothalamus clearly falls under the fractal of two for this exercise, I wondered what application of the fractal of two it could be:  time, receiving/giving; love/holiness; or gender?

The Spirit nudged me to go with gender first.  So I prayed a broad prayer about God being in perfect gender alignment.  As it says in Genesis, He made man in His image, male and female.  There is no gender conflict or misalignment in God.  He is fully both and they are fully in alignment.  So I asked that God’s perfect gender alignment would be established in Fred’s hypothalamus.

Megan retested.  Right side scored modestly lower than before.  Left side was dynamic and shot up much higher than before.  So we went from having a small discrepancy to having an extremely large one.

Cynic that I am about all things with silicon chips, I asked Megan to retest.  Same results.  Left side was intense.  Right was limp.  Discrepancy was immense.

Now I was on the warpath.  Clearly we had “something” going on here, but I didn’t know what, so I phoned a seer who happened to be available.  She reported a covering over the hypothalamus.  I asked God to remove it.  He did.  She saw an AHS.

Normally these days, they are so intimidated by me since they know who I am and what I know about them than there is little chatter.  Just get them out.  But the Holy Spirit punched pause and had me ask the AHS when it came into Fred.

The answer was very specific.  I asked Fred what he knew about that age, and he said it was when he had been molested.  I asked the AHS if it was paired with an AHS in the perp, and it said yes.

So, we removed both.

Fred was furious at the insidious nature of the whole thing since he had worked hard to get closure on the childhood junk.  To discover there was a subtle form of devouring going on all this time was horrifying.

I was vindicated in my hunch that the fractal of two involved gender in this case.  Clearly when I prayed for alignment and there was uncleanness in his hypothalamus, God could not answer the prayer, but it sure did destabilize things!

We asked God to clean up the hypothalamus and to align it with proper gender function, specifically removing victimization from the gender expression of the hypothalamus whatever that is.  We don’t have any profile for gender and hypothalamus except that it follows the fractal of two.

We will give this some time to settle out, then retest and see what the hypothalamus is like.

As always, one is a data point, not a pattern.  We will know more over time as we experiment with the testing, but for those of you who are doing brain or energy work, you might enrich the process through testing in two directions and giving us feedback.

If you have someone who you know has been molested, you might explore whether there is still any sort of hidden junk or imbalance in the hypothalamus.

And for those of you who are routinely using an EAV machine, where you have clients who are open, you might try praying gender alignment to the hypothalamus instead of doing the manual bridge to see if you get any sort of consistent results.

We will continue this topic intermittently over the next few months as we experiment with good old Fred.  Might be a few weeks before we actually get to the thyroid, considering how much drama surrounded the hypothalamus

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Invisible AHS

“Sally” has been in counseling for a while for a particular issue, but whenever she goes in for ministry, her bladder acts up.  The team she sees is somewhat adept at deliverance, and they felt sure that it was either demonic or an AHS because of the consistent nature of the flare up.

However, after doing everything they knew how with no success, they finally gave up and worked around the irritation.

It got so disruptive she pinged me to see if there was anything new we could suggest.  I had nothing for her, but I pinged the Holy Spirit who said there was a mantle of invisibility over the AHS (plural), and it was held in place by a covenant that was rooted in a specific piece of land from her childhood.

Her team worked with her beginning with the land.  They asked her which piece of land and her spirit immediately knew.  They cut off the trauma bonds to land and all other ties to the defilement there.  Then they asked God to annul all unrighteous covenants coming from that land protecting the AHS.

Then they spoke in the direction of the AHS in her bladder, like they had many times before, and this time it immediately answered (albeit with quite a surly tone).  Under pressure it conceded that there were a total of eight AHS that had been protected by that mantle of invisibility.

And now they are gone and she can do her normal counseling with one less disruptive tool from the enemy.

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From Belgrade, MT

AHS and Death from Old Age

Most of us know some elderly people who know God and are baffled at why they are still here on the earth when they don’t like their body anymore and just want to go home because they don’t see much use for their life here.

It occurred to me one day that an AHS might possibly be keeping some people alive just to keep from having to find a new home for itself.  Fairly self-serving, but the whole AHS drive is about self-preservation.

We experimented with a couple of elderly people who were so, so ready to go home.  In each there was an AHS.  In one, the person continues to live after the AHS left.  In the other, the person slipped away gently and beautifully in a short time.

I received a story yesterday of a person who had been in an accident and was not recovering.  Indications were that he was slipping away.  A friend who knows this material was there at the bedside and realized that there was an AHS present.  She dealt with the AHS, and the second she did, blood pressure dropped to zero.

So one incident is a data point.  Two is a tiny pattern.  It would seem that it would be worth exploring the idea with people who you know are ready to go home, to be sure no selfish AHS is blocking a proper transition.

I still savor Jacob’s death.  He knew when his exact day was.  He assembled his sons.  His spirit was 100% alert and engaged as he brought the past and the future into perfect alignment in an intense series of prophetic words to his sons.  Then he laid back down and released his hold on life.

Doesn’t get much better than that.  I would be delighted dying like that with a handful of my spiritual sons and daughters around my bed.

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From South Africa