Authenticity in Deliverance

When someone has a long history of woundedness, rejection is almost invariably in the mix.  And when you have felt the pain of rejection, you really try not to move toward it again!

This is the client’s dilemma in a counseling situation.  He or she needs help, and they know they have to receive it on the clinician’s terms or they will be rejected.

On the other side, is the clinician’s distaste for powerlessness.  It is not a welcome emotion.  Hence, they have worked hard and studied hard to develop a set of tools that will allow them to feel some sense of mastery, effectiveness and dominion when counseling.

These two aversions – rejection and powerlessness – set the stage for a dishonest relationship.

The counselor does A, B and C which has worked for 100 other people.  If he is remarkably dishonest, he announces to the client that the problem is now solved.

If he is professional, he asks the client how he feels about the situation.

And that is the choke point for the client.

He KNOWS that the counselor absolutely believes that the issue should be fixed after A, B and C.  He KNOWS the counselor really doesn’t know what else to do.  AND if the client says, “Well, I don’t think it is all done,” or “I don’t feel like anything has changed,” that is going to push the counselor’s buttons.

If the counselor is a big boy, he will be disappointed, but will lean into it some more, even though he doesn’t know what to do.  If the counselor is still carrying a bag full of unresolved issues, he will turn against the client and some level of overt or covert emotional rejection will take place.

So the client who wishes to continue the relationship reasons that it probably IS OK, since the big guy said so, or it will finish working itself out during the night, or it will get resolved eventually when they work on something else in that general area.

So the client allows the counselor’s perception that everything is taken care of, to stand unchallenged.

And thus is born another dishonest relationship between an unhealed healer, and a client who is not likely to get healed in the context of an inauthentic relationship.

Here is a better model.

I worked with Sally again yesterday.  God directed us to the 14th year.  Lots and lots of drama.  God came.  He showed us big stuff.  He did big stuff.  She was excited about the immensity of the intervention by God.  The work was so deep it went on for hours.  She texted me at her bedtime saying that it was still churning.

My emotional conclusion?  “We nailed it!  A done deal!  Go God!!!”

This morning, Sally let me know that something was wrong.  Things were better, but not right.

My reaction inside?

-You can’t be serious?  After all that move of God yesterday, it isn’t done and isn’t right?  REALLY?!

-I am BUSY.  I didn’t have time yesterday for that big deal, and I REALLY don’t have time today.

With my mouth I said, “Hmm.  That is a surprise.  I wonder what is lacking?  Let me listen a bit?”

I pondered the story line.  Ah, the parts!  There were six of them from that period.  They needed to be brought up to speed. I explained to them that 14 was new and refurbished and exciting and I wanted to show them.  They were terribly unimpressed with my excitement but they barely humored me and went.

They admitted that it was gorgeous, different, but said it made them feel super heavy.  They wanted to get out of there.

I was bummed.  Struck out again.  So we vacated that location, had a discussion and facilitated their going to a new place to work on detox.  They were pleased, but it would be a process.

Checked with Sally to see if this was it.  It HAD to be.  Yesterday’s land work was stupendously immense.  Must be just a minor matter of the parts getting cleaned up too.

I asked how she felt about it.  She said it was wonderful that they were getting cleaned up, but that was not it.  There was still something.

Double bummer!  I told her I was flat out of time, and would have to listen to God for my next cue card, since I had no idea what to do.

Honesty on her part.  Honesty on my part.

Later on in the morning, while I was scurrying around, doing “stuff,” a detail swam to the surface.  I remembered a bump in the road she had in childhood.  I pinged her.  She was available.  I asked if she was seven when that happened.


Curse on time?  Seven and 14 were locked down so I asked about other multiples of seven.  21 was horrible.  28 ditto.  We worked it out.  A rock solid curse on time, every seven years – in addition to the one every 13 years she had dealt with a few years before.


Did the prayer, with a healthy dose of generational cleansing to boot, and she felt a lot of stuff moving.  Exciting. The payoff for honesty in the relationship, and tenacity in working on what is really there, not just what I wanted to be there.

I basked in the comfort of having gotten past powerlessness.  The Holy Spirit had come through, and given me my cue card when I was patient, and I am back in the game.  Yay God.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Stuff moved.  I asked her if it felt right.

She said better but not right.


I got that cue card from God!  How can it not be done yet?

Note:  I DID NOT SAY THAT out loud.  Just in my head.  I try to be authentic internally even when I am being polite to a friend.

I was about to plead busyness so I could get off the phone when the Holy Spirit flashed another cue card – her birth was messy!  Oh yes!  I remember that now.  (Love those cue cards.)

So, I mentioned that to her, showed how the physical violations fit into the bigger pattern, and then we asked God to extend the cleansing of the cycle of time to her year zero, and all the bad births in the generational line and THAT set off quite a firestorm of spiritual activity.

It was still going on when I got off the phone.

I will find out tomorrow whether year 14 is clean, done and sealed.  I SOOOO hope it is.

But whether it is, or it isn’t, I trust Sally to be honest and tell me how it really is, and I will be honest with how surprised or relieved I am, and we will go forward.

Authenticity in a ministry relationship is much more effective than dishonesty and fear, even though it is emotionally yanking in a dozen different ways.

Copyright August 2017 by Arthur Burk



A Strange Writer’s Block

Suzie is on a journey which includes healing from D.I.D.  She is well down the road, with her Original Self established in the present time and her spirit well involved in daily life.

She lives most of her life without work-arounds, and from time to time as new parts surface, she has a protocol to engage, cleanse and integrate them.

Along the way, she found a part who said her name was Writer.  This part is in the present, staying with Original Self, but has opted not to integrate.  Suzie is fine with that.

I have a brief coaching session with Writer once every month or six week, working on her writing skill.  Her first stories were shallow.  I taught her how to build more layers into the stories and how to enlarge the emotional range of the problem the story addresses.  Then it was point of view, character development, tone, texture, principles, etc.  Basic writing skill from my highly biased perspective.

And she wrote.  Suzie’s busy lifestyle limited available time for Writer, but every month, she cranked out a new story and each one was remarkably better than the one before.  Her volume was pretty low, but her growth in expertise from story to story was dramatic.

I became vaguely aware that I hadn’t heard from Writer for a while, but with all I have to do here, I didn’t really look in that direction.  Eventually I got an email from her saying she was empty, could not write anything, and felt she needed to be integrated into Original Self so she could get back to writing.

I visited with her for a bit today.  I have no objections to integration.  In Suzie’s life there have been a small number of parts who opted out of integration for a while, and each one eventually decided they would rather have the larger playing field of Suzie’s life than the independence of being a part.  So Writer’s request was highly typical of Suzie’s journey.

HOWEVER, it didn’t feel right to me, so I poked around.

My bottom line, which I explained to her, is that I had no issues with integration but I sure would feel better about her going in with sparkles rather than defeated.  She concurred that this was pretty much a position of powerlessness.  She had used all the tools for overcoming writer’s block I had given her a while back, and nothing worked.

I asked her permission to snoop for a bit, and she gave it.

Original Self assured me that all was clean and clear in her space.  There had been no defilement or wet blanket.

We scanned the horizon checking out the usual sectors where Suzie occasionally has trouble and nothing clicked.

I went to the Teacher portion of her spirit and held up three trial balloons.

-“They” took something out of her.

-“They” put some covering over her.

-“They” put a partition inside her blocking her from access to her treasure.

Teacher voted for #2.

Instantly I saw a burqa.  Suzie has no connections we know of with that culture, so I assumed this was an analogy.  What I extracted from that was that a burqa is designed to hide a woman’s beauty.  I wondered who wanted Writer’s beauty hidden.

Immediately I flashed to an old, old story from her school days of a teacher who reviled her and told her how dumb and hopeless she was in all things related to writing and speech.  That was aggravating since I know Suzie had done a LOT of work on that incident over the years.

What could be still there that would allow this level of attack?

The Holy Spirit said, “Pandora’s Box.”  Ah yes!  The incident in Suzie’s life was designed to activate the old generational stuff.  Made sense.

We were on a roll.

I asked the Spirit what He wanted to show me.  Instantly I saw an almost cartoonish stereotypical picture of the tall, angular, spinster, school teacher with her hair in a tight bun, huge glasses riding down her nose and habitual anger in every line of her face.  She was standing over a little girl in a blue dress in her primary school desk, raging at the little one who was just paralyzed with terror, unable to really imagine what she did to prompt such an emotional assault.

I did the usual, asking God to sit in judgment on all the assaults all the teachers have made against school kids in Suzie’s generations asking Him to cancel the power of words that were not true and right and just.  I asked Him to strip away fear, shame, paralysis and confusion.

Next up were all the inner vows in the generations where kids rejected their writing, rejected their design, rejected the fire in their belly, rejected taking initiative, rejected the pursuit of excellence and opted for keeping a low profile, in a survival mode.

I asked for that cleansing to be brought forward to the present.

Paused and “felt.”

Teacher or Writer (I can’t remember whom) reported progress, but it felt to me like I was shoveling the snow off a driveway using a spoon.  For all the huffing and puffing I just did, the three little piggies were still doing just fine.

Asked the Holy Spirit for my next cue card.  Instantly saw a dagger in the back of her right knee.  Ah, yes, the old standard picture of jealousy coming against her dominion.

I pondered where that might be from and saw a picture of an oral community having a monthly gathering.  The village elders were primary, the rest of the community gathered around the circle, and the official historian was sharing a story while the rest listened with rapt attention.

Suddenly it all made sense.  It isn’t about Writer.  It is about the Story Telling office.  The Story Teller wasn’t entertaining.  He was sharing a historical vignette to pass on the history to an oral society, but more than that, he was telling THAT story because the elders needed a particular value reinforced in the community.

And Writer does not write for entertainment.  She has an AX to grind and every one of her stories is pounding away at the same value.

So . . . over the generations, the office of Story Teller has been in her family line from time to time.  They have shaped cultures through their skill and their choice of which values to endorse.  And there has been jealousy from others in power over the fact that the Story Teller was more influential than those with political power.

It all fit.

I dealt with the jealousy issue.  (If this is new to you, go to our Free Audio, select the Spiritual Warfare album, and you can hear the strategy for dealing with jealousy there).  Brought the cleansing forward to Writer.

Paused to feel.

Ah!  I have graduated from a spoon to a snow blower. The driveway is looking good.

Oh, wait!  Not so fast.

The Holy Spirit pulled up the previous picture of the village gathering and this time the Story Teller was not just telling, but was being highly dramatic, playing several people in turn, on his imaginary stage.  But what was new in the picture was Father watching from the back, smiling contentedly as the Story Teller was doing exactly what Father designed him to do – loving his job, doing it with skill, shaping the values of the culture.

I moved swiftly to ask God to explore the family lines all the way back, long before there were written words, and to identify every ancestor who was in the office of Story Teller and who acquitted themselves well.

Then I asked Him to gather up His immense joy over the function of that office and to marinate Writer in Father’s joy over the AX she is grinding and her passion to change her culture!

And this time when I paused to feel, it was a gentle summer morning on the driveway and the plants were vibrant with life.

Writer was in a pretty good place.

I bailed, leaving her basking in the moment.  We shall see what bubbles up from her in the next month.

I am still quite open to an integration, and feel she can write bigger in Original Self than by herself, but that is up to her.  At least if we do an integration soon, it will be from a position of being an incredibly valuable treasure, rather than a whipped puppy.

Copyright August, 2017 by Arthur Burk






Curse of Cain Insight

Last week in our Worship and Warfare series, we did a live stream called “Vicarious Bondage” which explores how we get sucked into carrying the pain of a community, when it is not our pain.

Sometimes it is as simple as a social contract in community, such as the unwritten expectation that the whole family is supposed to be outraged at the “unfair” treatment of Johnny by one of his teachers.  Sometimes it is a sophisticated act of SRA to covenant someone into a group that carries high pain, so that the perps can shift their pain to the victim.

Here is the link to that foundational teaching which is in the archives.  It will help you understand this article if you have heard the larger teaching and experienced the deliverance prayer.

Today we unexpectedly saw a very specific application for survivors.  But first the backstory.

Sally is a survivor and has been on her healing journey for many years, with sundry counselors and good success.  All seven portions of her spirit are back, in the Seat of Dominion.  She has a few parts left, but she does not switch unexpectedly anymore, has a solid job, experiences a lot of joy, etc.

The one soft spot is that one portion of her spirit seems “less than.”  She pinged me a year ago to see if I had any ideas and I came up with nothing.  Everything looked healed, solid, clean and safe.  So she carried on with life, expecting that portion of the spirit to come around in time.  She didn’t know what was wrong, since nothing seemed to be overtly wrong, but something sure wasn’t right.

Now, a year later, she asked me to take another look.  I chatted with her spirit, and nothing was wrong, but something wasn’t right and a year of growth in all sorts of other areas had not solved anything!

So I sat with the Lord and waited to see what would bubble up.  The vague sense was that this portion of the spirit could not receive the life that was benefiting all the other portions.  So in my mind, that translated into “No functional receptors.”

Suddenly I got The Elbow!  The Holy Spirit said “The Curse of Cain.”

That was interesting because it inverted the story.  I knew well the fact that fratricide (or any murder in the family) causes the earth to not release its strength to us.  I had always seen that as the earth being affected.  It withheld its treasures.

But, considering the fact that Cain was in theory quite mobile, that would require God to ding every piece of land he tried to farm. We know the curse was so emphatic he had to get out of farming and become a contractor, working with non-living things, because his living plant world didn’t work anymore.

If we flip it, and envision the curse manifesting in him, blocking him from receiving, then it would be fully portable, wherever he went.

It was an interesting conundrum which I only pondered less than a minute.  I have no qualms about trying my half baked potatoes before the Throne of God, knowing He is quite accustomed to rejecting my ideas when they are not valid, and He doesn’t fuss at me for trying.

So, my priestly lawyer took a deep breath and went for it.  The logic was somewhat along these lines.

-When SRA is generational, it means a family member is doing it to another family member, knowingly, deliberately, viciously, with malice aforethought.

-There is some murder in some streams of SRA.  Often the person is resuscitated, but that does not change the fact that it is premeditated murder.  And there are times when children are forced to do the deed to others.

-These two things together would cause the Curse of Cain to be on lots of perps.

-The perps try to position themselves so that the curses that are due them land on the victims instead.

-So Sally could theoretically be tied into the whole “class” of survivors of SRA who have the Curse of Cain applied to them (illegally) so that they COULD NOT receive the life of God from the environment they are in.

-Then I theorized that the curse could become a lot larger than just land, per se.  I ran down a list of different areas where Sally – as a whole – is not yet able to receive, then zeroed in on that portion of the spirit and listed things it did not appear to be able to receive from the robust spiritual life floating around her.  I figured if you are going to court, you may as well swing for the fences and blame the devil for everything!

-That said, I asked God to sit in judgment on that diversion of blame.  The perps should get the blame for murder, not the victims.  The perps should be blocked from receiving, not the victims. And I asked God to annul the covenants with Death and cancel the agreements with Sheol (Is. 28) so that the Curse of Cain would be lifted off Sally, especially the portion of her spirit that was affected, and would be placed back solidly on her father who deserved it.

-Then I asked God to rebuild all the receptors in her spirit, soul and body that had been blocked or sealed off by the Curse of Cain, not just in this generation, but in all the previous ones.  I was quite expansive and inclusive in asking for the restoration – more than she could ask or imagine.

When I finally stopped the river of words (tinged by more than a little anger as I thought about it), she reported that she had been having significant manifestations, almost throwing up repeatedly, AND there was an unprecedented about of movement in her brain.

I took that as a good sign, even though we have never walked this way before.  We sat together on the phone, in silence while the process was going on.  Eventually she felt overwhelmed by it and asked to go to sleep.  We parted ways; she slept for an hour and a half during the middle of the day, a deep sleep, like when God did surgery on Adam.

When she surfaced, there was still a lot of activity in her brain and it has shown no sign of abating two hours later!  So I guess rebuilding receptors where there have not been any for generations is a really big deal!

At present, we only have a whole lot of feelings to report.  It will take a while before we know whether there is “measurable, verifiable, sustained change.”  And it will be quite interesting to find out whether there is an immediate bounce for that portion of the spirit, or whether it takes a few weeks or months of it being able to receive, before it is robust and fully in the game again.

For now, this is solidly framed as a half-baked potato, but I am putting it out there for all of you therapists who have some willing (or desperate) guinea pigs.  So many of your survivors lament that although they are getting healed of their pain, and are becoming more stable, they lack the connection with God that they crave.

So kindly Beta test this for me, since you have a much larger lab than I do, and let’s see what kind of consistent results we do or don’t get.

Thanks for the partnership.  This Trailblazer is pretty pointless without my large group of Pioneers who build out the concepts.

Copyright April 2017 by Arthur Burk




Prophetic Words and Time

There are three kinds of prophetic words.

-True words that carry the life of God in them, waiting to be unpacked.

-Hot air that is nothing more than someone’s elastic imagination.

-Demonic deceptions that carry a wide assortment of viruses that will devour you.

While the third class is known to be toxic, the second class can become toxic when enough people come into agreement with it.  I see this a lot in what I call copycat prophecies.  One person in a community of faith prophecies (from their imagination) that X is going to happen to Person Y, and over the course of the next year a number of other people have supplementary prophecies (also from their imagination).

When you or people around you come into agreement with a prophecy that is non-reality, it gains some demonic power to define the course of your life, even though it did not originate with the same toxicity as the third category.

Imagine this picture now.  God builds your time line for you before the foundation of the world.  See it as a freeway.  When false prophetic words are spoken over you, they become off ramps from God’s time line.  In some cases, they take you to an existing road that leads you to a dangerous ghetto or a wasteland, and in other cases the off ramp suddenly ends at a solid wall and you have no way to go forward and it seems impossible to go back.  You are stuck, stopped, blocked, done.

In our work with the Seat of Dominion, we have found that it has 12 foundations, like the New Jerusalem does.  Following the pattern of the fractal of 12, the eighth slot is for time.  We have found it valuable to ask God to do a number of things to cleanse that spot and that foundation stone from the perils of false prophetic words.  Attached is a sample prayer for you to adapt to your own situation.

The Eighth Foundation Stone Trauma Bonds to Time SLG Coaching blog

Copyright April 2016 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, with huge joy over being back in the Lab

Covenants within Contracts

Here is a simple picture of a complex problem.

When I married Ann, I committed to a bunch of stuff.  I married her freely, chose the things I was committing to, etc.  There was no force, fraud, pressure or requirements.  I did it willingly.

However, after I married her, I found out that she had a large student loan that was now my responsibility to pay off.

When I married her, I inadvertently married her commitments made prior to our marriage.

Now take it a little different direction.

I know several people whose life came unraveled on their honeymoon.  As much as they hated to face the facts, that spectacular jewel they married was loaded with critters and curses, and when they married that person, they also married all the critters and curses – unknowingly.

One more.

You buy a house.  After you buy the house, you find out that there are roots in the sewer line, and you are going to have to pay $7,000 to replace it and the fancy driveway it goes under.

Now the real one.

I have a paper lease with my landlord from work.  It is pages and pages and pages.  I talked to a real estate broker the other day and he said my landlord is legendary for being the worst of the worst in Southern California.  I have been pondering what to do about the paper lease and the violations thereof by him.

While I was sitting at my desk pondering that, the Holy Spirit said, “There is a covenant hidden inside the paper contract.”

In other words, the guy is a bad boy not because he is just greedy.  He apparently is in covenant with darkness, and one of the terms of his covenant with darkness is that everyone who signs a financial contract with him also – involuntarily and unknowingly – comes into submission to his particular demon and has to pay “taxes” in a variety of nasty ways.

I pondered that when the Holy Spirit shared it.  The idea seemed very viable.  And it matched the time line when he bought our whole complex.

I pondered other human contracts that could theoretically have covenants embedded in them without our knowledge.  It seemed like a monster of a possible problem but it could also explain some people who have renounced “everything” and are still quite obviously stuck.

So, we did what we usually do – tried it out on me.  Forget fancy titles like CEO.  I am the CLR – Chief Lab Rat.

I called an intercessor and shared the idea.  Then I prayed asking God to separate me from every covenant I did not sign up for in terms of the landlord.  I did a bunch of hacking and whacking in a fairly inelegant way, since I had never walked this way before.  The intercessor who was on the phone is a seer and she saw layers and layers of stuff coming off me.

Well, I am fairly casual about what seers see.  You know me.  Goose bumps don’t count.  Give me measurable, verifiable, sustained change.

When we got off the phone, I checked e-mails and there were two e-mails that specifically addressed the problems we have been having with the landlord – without knowing that at all.  They were just nudged by God, with precise timing, to let me know we were onto something.  It has been three days now, and there have been at least fifteen e-mails, letters or phone calls that have all repeated the same theme.

So I am becoming a believer but not really locked in until we beta test it on YOU!  If you get consistent, measurable, verifiable, sustained change, we will know we are onto something really big.

Below you will find not one, but a series of different links dealing with spiritual covenants that might be hidden inside the social, economic, political and religious contracts we enter into.  Pick however many you think might apply to you.

Now, may I suggest that if you know people who have played their hearts out and are just emphatically stuck, please send them the link to this blog.  There could be a lot of people who are just one more renunciation away from deep freedom.  I have been shocked at how much has changed for our company in the one obdurate area due to a single prayer.

These prayers are not a cure for immaturity, lack of character or lack of skill.  But they could make a difference if the enemy has slipped a chain around your neck hidden inside something that looks proper.

1.   Birth

2.  Child Care

3.  School

4.  Sports and Extracurricular Activities

5.   Religion

6.   Marriage

7.   Medical Care

8.   Insurance

9.  Purchases

10.  Banking Industry

11.  Business Contracts

12.   Land Contracts

13.   Employment

14.   Government

15.   Software

16.  Memberships

17.  Burial

18.  Holy Communion


We recommend listening to these prayers once, in a focused manner, then letting them play in the background for a few days until you experience solid closure.





by Arthur Burk, February 2016

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