Pondering about Thursday

Yesterday was quite odd.  The silence was remarkable, but it wasn’t just the lack of ordinary traffic, or the graciousness of the tribe in respecting my study day.  There was a lifelessness to community during the day.

It was quite different from the days when Death is in the air.  Sometimes I feel the desire of Death to take me out on the freeway or any way it can.  Some days, every business deal seems to die in the first two minutes of discussion.  Well meaning e-mails go out and come back with death attached.

Old stuff.  Seen it many times.

This was not the spirit of Death.  It was a lifelessness.  And I am guessing that this was a gift from God designed to teach us something.  My hunch is that we experienced the Shadow of Death in a loud enough, intense enough manner, that we could recognize it and label it.

So what?

I wonder what would happen if I focused on the emotions of Jesus and those around Him immediately after the resurrection?  Jesus was certainly vibrant after the resurrection!

So you have Jesus and Mary of Magdala first of all.  Dripping with emotions.

The women and the angel.

Peter and John and the angel in the tomb.

The two on the road to Emmaus whose “hearts were burning” as Jesus taught them.  Jesus’ emotions as He did a stunning exposition of Old Testament prophecies about Himself.

The 10 the first time Jesus met them.

Thomas on the second encounter.

Jesus by Galilee when he restored Peter publicly.

Jesus was FREE of the Shadow of Death after the resurrection.  I wonder if we could pierce the Shadow with a celebration of His emotions and the emotions of everyone around Him.

If you know of someone who still has a “hangover” today from the Shadow of Death yesterday, why don’t you call the ungodly spirits around them to attention and give them an ear banging about Jesus’ emotions and the trail of human emotions after the resurrection, and see if your friends abruptly get traction with life again.

This is a trial run.  Not sure this is the best tool against the Shadow of Death, but since we have a large pool of warriors, let’s give it a run and see what happens.

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From the Hub, early morning before flying out to Denver

New Wrinkle on Sleep Difficulties

Over the years I have worked with a lot of people who have had difficulty sleeping.  Long term sleep deprivation is a brutal problem which complicates every other aspect of the healing journey.

I have coached people on building a toolkit with a wide variety of tools, since different things work differently for different people.  It is an art form to sleep well, not a simple one-size-fits-all formula.

Against this backdrop, “Sally” has been struggling for about ten years with a wide variety of dynamics.  She has vigorously implemented my ideas, scoured the web for everyone else’s ideas and had some wonderful successes along the way, but has never solved the problem.

One of the intransigent sore spots for years has been getting to bed at night.  She misses glaringly obvious on-ramps to sleep and pays the price for the next 24 hours, because she can’t bring herself to go to bed.  But when she does go to bed, she has been known to lie there for hours, unable to sleep, while desperately needing to sleep.

She spent some time with her counselor rounding up a handful of parts who did not like night time for a bunch of valid reasons.  And she had her deliverance partner scour her whole body looking for Leviathan, and finding/evicting some.  She changed beds, bedrooms and did every sort of land cleansing she could think of.

At the end of the months of focused, excellent work, there was no change.  She pinged me and I agreed to give it a shot, and we got on the phone.

When I asked God to show me what He wanted me to see, the immediate picture was of a four poster bed and a demon in the post by her left shoulder.

I queried her and she had no four poster bed now or that she could remember in childhood.

I queried the demon and he admitted that the bed was from someone else’s house where Sally slept briefly as a child.

The short version was, the demon created this “virtual reality” bed which has followed her around for decades, since childhood.

For starters, we give high honor to Sally’s spirit.  It had very good reasons for not wanting to go to bed at night!

We dispatched the demon who admitted his job was to mess with her sleep.  We asked God to destroy the bed and to disconnect the device in Sally that the demon was using.

This is a new idea to me.  I am not quite sure what the whole dynamic is.  I am guessing that the “virtual reality bed” was designed to be exempt from the house cleansing work Sally did.  In the future, we will amend our land cleansing prayers to extend to all realities, not only ours, but all spiritual realities and dimensions and structures.  See if that works better.

Anyway, I am tossing this very new manna out there, in case it helps someone else on their journey.

Prayers to Break Egyptian Curse

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From the Hub, in a rush, on a busy day

Shared with permission from Sally



Prophetic Words and Time

There are three kinds of prophetic words.

-True words that carry the life of God in them, waiting to be unpacked.

-Hot air that is nothing more than someone’s elastic imagination.

-Demonic deceptions that carry a wide assortment of viruses that will devour you.

While the third class is known to be toxic, the second class can become toxic when enough people come into agreement with it.  I see this a lot in what I call copycat prophecies.  One person in a community of faith prophecies (from their imagination) that X is going to happen to Person Y, and over the course of the next year a number of other people have supplementary prophecies (also from their imagination).

When you or people around you come into agreement with a prophecy that is non-reality, it gains some demonic power to define the course of your life, even though it did not originate with the same toxicity as the third category.

Imagine this picture now.  God builds your time line for you before the foundation of the world.  See it as a freeway.  When false prophetic words are spoken over you, they become off ramps from God’s time line.  In some cases, they take you to an existing road that leads you to a dangerous ghetto or a wasteland, and in other cases the off ramp suddenly ends at a solid wall and you have no way to go forward and it seems impossible to go back.  You are stuck, stopped, blocked, done.

In our work with the Seat of Dominion, we have found that it has 12 foundations, like the New Jerusalem does.  Following the pattern of the fractal of 12, the eighth slot is for time.  We have found it valuable to ask God to do a number of things to cleanse that spot and that foundation stone from the perils of false prophetic words.  Attached is a sample prayer for you to adapt to your own situation.

The Eighth Foundation Stone Trauma Bonds to Time SLG Coaching blog

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From the Hub, with huge joy over being back in the Lab

Covenants within Contracts

Here is a simple picture of a complex problem.

When I married Ann, I committed to a bunch of stuff.  I married her freely, chose the things I was committing to, etc.  There was no force, fraud, pressure or requirements.  I did it willingly.

However, after I married her, I found out that she had a large student loan that was now my responsibility to pay off.

When I married her, I inadvertently married her commitments made prior to our marriage.

Now take it a little different direction.

I know several people whose life came unraveled on their honeymoon.  As much as they hated to face the facts, that spectacular jewel they married was loaded with critters and curses, and when they married that person, they also married all the critters and curses – unknowingly.

One more.

You buy a house.  After you buy the house, you find out that there are roots in the sewer line, and you are going to have to pay $7,000 to replace it and the fancy driveway it goes under.

Now the real one.

I have a paper lease with my landlord from work.  It is pages and pages and pages.  I talked to a real estate broker the other day and he said my landlord is legendary for being the worst of the worst in Southern California.  I have been pondering what to do about the paper lease and the violations thereof by him.

While I was sitting at my desk pondering that, the Holy Spirit said, “There is a covenant hidden inside the paper contract.”

In other words, the guy is a bad boy not because he is just greedy.  He apparently is in covenant with darkness, and one of the terms of his covenant with darkness is that everyone who signs a financial contract with him also – involuntarily and unknowingly – comes into submission to his particular demon and has to pay “taxes” in a variety of nasty ways.

I pondered that when the Holy Spirit shared it.  The idea seemed very viable.  And it matched the time line when he bought our whole complex.

I pondered other human contracts that could theoretically have covenants embedded in them without our knowledge.  It seemed like a monster of a possible problem but it could also explain some people who have renounced “everything” and are still quite obviously stuck.

So, we did what we usually do – tried it out on me.  Forget fancy titles like CEO.  I am the CLR – Chief Lab Rat.

I called an intercessor and shared the idea.  Then I prayed asking God to separate me from every covenant I did not sign up for in terms of the landlord.  I did a bunch of hacking and whacking in a fairly inelegant way, since I had never walked this way before.  The intercessor who was on the phone is a seer and she saw layers and layers of stuff coming off me.

Well, I am fairly casual about what seers see.  You know me.  Goose bumps don’t count.  Give me measurable, verifiable, sustained change.

When we got off the phone, I checked e-mails and there were two e-mails that specifically addressed the problems we have been having with the landlord – without knowing that at all.  They were just nudged by God, with precise timing, to let me know we were onto something.  It has been three days now, and there have been at least fifteen e-mails, letters or phone calls that have all repeated the same theme.

So I am becoming a believer but not really locked in until we beta test it on YOU!  If you get consistent, measurable, verifiable, sustained change, we will know we are onto something really big.

Below you will find not one, but a series of different links dealing with spiritual covenants that might be hidden inside the social, economic, political and religious contracts we enter into.  Pick however many you think might apply to you.

Now, may I suggest that if you know people who have played their hearts out and are just emphatically stuck, please send them the link to this blog.  There could be a lot of people who are just one more renunciation away from deep freedom.  I have been shocked at how much has changed for our company in the one obdurate area due to a single prayer.

These prayers are not a cure for immaturity, lack of character or lack of skill.  But they could make a difference if the enemy has slipped a chain around your neck hidden inside something that looks proper.

1.   Birth

2.  Child Care

3.  School

4.  Sports and Extracurricular Activities

5.   Religion

6.   Marriage

7.   Medical Care

8.   Insurance

9.  Purchases

10.  Banking Industry

11.  Business Contracts

12.   Land Contracts

13.   Employment

14.   Government

15.   Software

16.  Memberships

17.  Burial

18.  Holy Communion


We recommend listening to these prayers once, in a focused manner, then letting them play in the background for a few days until you experience solid closure.





by Arthur Burk, February 2016

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Demon, Part or AHS?

Jenny came to me with a “will of God” question.  She had sought God about taking some training and enrolled, then ended up in a strong push/pull.  She wanted to learn the material, but was doing very poorly and could hardly bring herself to go.

She wanted my advice on how to determine if it was God’s will that she quit.

Knowing the story, I was pretty sure she was supposed to finish, but I don’t like White Knuckle Christianity.  When she signed up, she was so sure it was part of her design, and so was I.

As I listened to her story, the push/pull stood out.  There was internal conflict.  So that means there was shame, fear, curse, demon, part or an alien human spirit.

Scrolling through the options, I felt I should try for an AHS.  With all my discernment tools, I could not reason confidently to one particular problem, so whatever I tried would be a guess at best.

Turned out to be a good guess.  I said, “I would like to speak to the AHS that does not like Jenny going to class.”

It immediately responded.  I asked politely why it objected to her taking the class, and it said she was no good, would never be any good in that subject and that there was no benefit or future in it for her.

The language and logic used by the AHS indicated that this was an older spirit, not a young, one dimensional child.  I carried on a small amount of conversation, querying what the AHS thought she would be good at.  It had no particular idea.

So I explored arranging for it to return to eternity, and it agreed and left.

Jenny didn’t want to hurt my feelings, but as glad as she was to get it gone, she still had no desire to go back to class, so she sadly told me.

I opted for demon next and spoke directly to the demon commanding it to respond to me.  They don’t always respond immediately, but the client can usually feel fear or defiance inside in the middle of the silence.  She listened closely inside and felt absolutely nothing.

It was possible that this was just a very determined, clever demon, but then Jenny shared that it had been difficult to go to the training for some time, but after the last time when the instructor had scolded her, it was just utterly impossible to think of it.

That was my clue that it was a part.  I said, “May I speak to the little one who was so offended by the scolding Jenny got last week?”

There was an immediate response of a five year old who was scared that I was going to scold and be harsh.  I reassured the part, got it to Original Self and in a few moments, integrated it.

Since most people have discernment they don’t pay attention to, I also asked Jenny if there were any areas of the building that she did not like.  She was swift to identify them, so I encouraged her to cleanse the land or clear out the demons, so that she was not pushing against that too.

I don’t know if she will finish the training or not, but it will be more within her reach now.

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From the Hub

Invisible AHS

“Sally” has been in counseling for a while for a particular issue, but whenever she goes in for ministry, her bladder acts up.  The team she sees is somewhat adept at deliverance, and they felt sure that it was either demonic or an AHS because of the consistent nature of the flare up.

However, after doing everything they knew how with no success, they finally gave up and worked around the irritation.

It got so disruptive she pinged me to see if there was anything new we could suggest.  I had nothing for her, but I pinged the Holy Spirit who said there was a mantle of invisibility over the AHS (plural), and it was held in place by a covenant that was rooted in a specific piece of land from her childhood.

Her team worked with her beginning with the land.  They asked her which piece of land and her spirit immediately knew.  They cut off the trauma bonds to land and all other ties to the defilement there.  Then they asked God to annul all unrighteous covenants coming from that land protecting the AHS.

Then they spoke in the direction of the AHS in her bladder, like they had many times before, and this time it immediately answered (albeit with quite a surly tone).  Under pressure it conceded that there were a total of eight AHS that had been protected by that mantle of invisibility.

And now they are gone and she can do her normal counseling with one less disruptive tool from the enemy.

Copyright October 2015 by Arthur Burk

From Belgrade, MT

Reframing Deceptions

Sally is pretty far along in her healing journey.  The pressing issue now is to identify the lies that are hardwired into her thought processes and establish truth instead.

I find that it is critical to use word pictures from that person’s world, rather than use abstract concepts.  Somehow, seeing the abstract played out in real life allows the truth to be legitimized more profoundly and quickly.  Here is an example of the kind of conversation I have with people at this point in their journey.

Recently we explored the issue of deference.  On the one hand, it sounds quite noble to defer to others – it feels like courtesy.  However, in practice it can become the basis for victimization.

I started by pointing out that deference is not an absolute quality that anyone should walk in all the time.  I used the illustration of a wedding.  On the wedding day, everyone is expected to defer to the bride.  Talking on the phone with your stock broker during the wedding ceremony would be considered rude.  You should defer to her importance on that day and put all your desires and agendas aside for her.

She could see that.  The picture of someone loudly arguing about whether to buy or sell this or that was quite compelling and ludicrous.

Then I flipped it.  Suppose it is her wedding coming up.  Imagine sending an email to the 100 invited guests asking them what time a day would be best for them for the wedding, since the bride wants to defer to their schedule and not inconvenience anyone on her big day.

She could immediately see that even with her level of woundedness, she would be willing to inconvenience people for her own wedding.

Again, the picture was personal enough yet ludicrous enough for her to grasp.  Deference is not a 100% issue.  There is a continuum between absolutely giving and absolutely receiving.

It was necessary to establish the legitimacy of her receiving deference since in the cult there is the opposite message pounded in.  You have no rights.  Attention should never be on you.  No one cares about synchronizing to you.  You have an absolute requirement to be alert to everyone else and to synchronize to them in all things.

Against a message that has been pounded in a thousand times, with huge pain-driven reinforcement, it takes an extreme picture to put a small crack in the old message.  But the wedding picture worked.

Once we had established the fact that there are a couple of options, the burning question was what determines when other people defer to her and when she should defer to them.

I took her to two recent issues in her life where she had stood up to someone and overtly confronted them, rather than embracing the injustice and deferring to their view of things so as not to hurt their feelings.  We compared that to walking at the mall.  She knows that out of the blanket internal wiring, when someone is coming toward her at the mall, she will step aside instead of them.  So on most small areas, she defers to others.  But on these two big areas, she stood her ground with no difficulty.

She was not able to see it, so I gave her the word:  mission.  When it is her comfort vs. someone else’s comfort, and both are on the scale of simple, personal wants and wishes, she invariably defers to others, and this is not necessarily a bad thing.

However, when she is doing something for her boss, she had no difficulty standing up for justice and fighting for him to get what he needed for his project.  When I phrased it that way, she could see it.

Then I worked through some areas in her personal life where she already could move out of blanket deference into some level of non-damaging dominion.  I compared her shopping for something specific vs. something general.  When she has a clear objective of getting a specific thing, she approaches the mall like a Major bent on conquest.  She is not rude, but people move out of her way.

When she is drifting through the mall, wanting to do some retail therapy but not able to find anything compelling, she defaults to deference.

At the end of the day, she realized that the issue was not her past, it was her future.

She lived for a long time with a focus on survival.  More recently, her focus has been on healing.  She essentially has little sense of mission.

I proposed that as she becomes less focused on herself and more focused on Kingdom themes, the issue of when to show deference and when to graciously move toward achieving an objective would resolve itself.

It was hugely freeing to see that deference is not the one size fits all standard for all interaction.  It was shocking how self-preservation dominated her world.  She will be pondering what living with a mission looks like.

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