4. Heart Cleansing: Religious Spirit

In the last week, a lot of things outside of Sally have started to shift.  People have moved in and move out of her life.  Friendship and opposition have both edged upward.  There were a couple of unexpectedly harsh demonic assaults, but over all, there has been a groundedness inside that she has longed for, for decades.

Today we moved in the direction of her left atrium which has been a trouble spot for years.  This is the chamber we identify with the Holy Spirit.  In the past, her spirit has not been able to see inside the chamber and cursory warfare has not been able to clean it up.

Prophet and Exhorter left the Seat of Dominion to be eyes on the ground.

I tried a few things to clean it up and nothing even flickered.  Asked God to show where in the time line things had gone bad, and the answer was 14th century and Sally saw a book.  It was clear from that symbol that we were dealing with something in the “Old Country” not with Native American issues.

I asked God to show her the time line, and Father and Son were missing and the Holy Spirit one was frayed and broken.

After some questioning with hits and misses, the story that emerged was of the Mother Superior of an abbey who recruited vigorously, and who abhorred intimacy, and became the ultimate arbiter of everything for the nuns under her.  In other words, plain, old fashioned religious spirit stuff.  Nothing special here.

I challenged the story line since nuns are supposed to be virgins and that creates problems with their having descendants.  There were two alternatives.  One was that the denizens of the abbey were vigorous in extending their spiritual beliefs and covenants to the extended families, with or without their permission.  The other is that holiness and morality did not prevail as it was supposed to.

Regardless, there was a sense that we could run with this.

The pattern of the religious spirit was distressingly familiar, not just in the culture at large, but in Sally’s own life in past years.

-A strong leader who claims to speak for God.

-Obedience elevated and intimacy dishonored.

-The Word used as a club to dishonor and intimidate people.

-The Word interpreted only by the leader.

-Uniqueness in an individual journey assaulted as a sign of heresy, rebellion and an independent spirit.

-No provision for a graceful exit from the organization.

Some critters never innovate.  Fourteenth century; twenty-first century.  Same old, same old.

Did some renunciations, and there was considerable feeling in her heart and spiritual conflict in her whole body.

When the rumble settled, Sally reported that two lines had been erased from the book.  A good sign.  I got a nudge that some of the story needed to be rewritten, so petitioned for that too and waited a bit.

Asked for and got a good repair of the Holy Spirit strand of time.

Asked for essences or offices to be restored.

No action.

Asked where we needed to go in time for the Father and Son strands.  God gave us two different times.  Did quick, non-mysterious work at both places and saw restoration of vibrancy.

So all three strands were right and clean and bursting with vitality at the 14th century.   I asked God if there were any essence or offices to be restored into the time line here.

No answer or movement.

Tough call.

Do I go forward, or is this something I need to fight for?  I had no data that suggested that there were missing essences or offices.  Just a pervasive experience with the religious spirit that they reject those portions of a person that are most apt to engage with God in an original way, so I assumed something might be lost here.

Against my better judgment, I decided to move on.  Might have to circle back in the future.

I asked Prophet and Exhorter for a report on the left atrium.  They said it was emptied out and clean, but just plain wrong.

I poked around a bit, and “wrong” ended up being distortion of shape.

I taught on the importance of shape.  There are two prominent cubes in the Bible.  The first is the Holy of Holies which housed the Shekinah glory of God and kept it away from sinful people so that it would not destroy them.

The second is the New Jerusalem which also houses the visible glory of God, but is specifically designed to diffuse it into all the saints present.  I proclaimed that there is a right shape for everything, and a profound spiritual meaning for every shape.

I asked that God would restore the spiritual and physical shape of the LA to match the original, holy template that still exists.

Fair amount of drama for a few minutes.

There was awe for Prophet and Exhorter when they saw the restored LA.

We asked God to bring the repair work on time from the 14th century through to the present and imprint it on the first three chambers of her heart.

A great joy came over Sally, and an exuberance.  The joy of the other day was more like an awe – stand back and worship.  This one carried energy!

I left her there soaking in the presence of God (or in non-religious language, bouncing off the wall with excitement), but a half hour later, the one part, who we will call Judy, who had not integrated with the last wave of joy, sent me an IM.

We went back and forth a bit.  I asked what the difference was between that joy and this one, and she commented with surprise that the joy had reached her, even though she was far from the two Original Selves.

I wrote back the following:  “The Jesus joy went into the two people.  I think the Holy Spirit joy has gone into nature and will affect the land, trees, birds, color, sound and smell.  All of the parts still in darkness will experience a pleasant taste intruding into their prisons.”

She acknowledged that this fit her experience.  Then wrote, “Can I help to get others out of darkness?”

That is the first time I have had a PART indicate an interest in the freedom of others.  Normally I have to send a portion of the spirit to do that, so this was remarkable, especially since this was the part that a few days ago, held back from integration because it was too new!

I asked what she would do.  She said, ” Going there to ask if somebody likes to come to the light and get hope and life.”

So I got on the phone with Sally.  Judy said there was a 16 year old she knew about.  I waited while she tried to get her, but she was in a cage and Judy could not do anything at all with the lock.

I told her to stand back.  I referenced Rev. 3 where Jesus has the ultimate set of keys.  I asked him to open the cage and heard a shout of shock and awe from Judy.  “Did you see THAT?  It just flew open.  I couldn’t do a single thing and it just flew open.”

I assured her that Jesus was pretty much an over the top specialist in cages, locks and doors.

Judy went in, got the 16 year old and took her to the staging area.  She decided some clean up was in order, so took her into the cleansing pool then back to the sunlight on the grass for continued detox.

I thought we were done, but Judy suddenly asked, “What is my purpose?”  I said I didn’t know, but Jesus did.  I asked Him to come and explore the topic.

Long silence.  No evidence of Jesus.  Judy said He must be busy with other things.  She was crushed.

Since that is fairly non-representative of the nature of Jesus, I pondered what the problem could be.

I knew a bit of Sally’s story and know that in her childhood, she was in a fairly anti-God environment.  I wondered if there was a trauma bond to time affecting the parts that were still that age, even though Sally is an adult now.

I floated a trial prayer asking God to release all of the parts from the spiritual dynamics of the age that they were locked into, and to bring them into the full blessings of the present that Sally lives in.  I have never done that before, since integration solves the disconnect-with-Jesus problem.

But, it seemed reasonable to facilitate all parts who want to connect with Jesus to be able to do so.  Hence the trial balloon.

We will try anything here, since God is quite faithful at ignoring me when my imagination runs away with me.

In this case, we scored.  I heard Judy’s excited comment, “He is coming!”

In answer to her query about what her purpose is, He told her to do something with land.  She was a bit disappointed with the answer and asked me what to do with that.

I illustrated it this way.

I tell Mom, “I’m bored.”

She says, “Go read a book.”

I go to the bookcase and pull off the book I want to read – my choice is an expression of my design.

I encouraged her to go back to the spring of conception, walk the whole length of the River of Time on the north side, then to cross and explore the south side.

Somewhere in there, she would see something she wanted to engage with, and that would be the revelation of her design.

She got it!

And I sat back smiling at yet another brilliant example of Jesus’ fathering skills.  Never the easy answer.  Always the challenge to use the resources we have (time, feet and eyes in her case) to discover and unpack who we are.

So, we parked the saga there.

One more chamber of the heart to go.

But today, Sally is simply buzzing with joy, hope and energy.  She left the house to go burn off some of her spiritual and emotional exuberance with some physical exuberance!

Copyright August, 2017 by Arthur Burk



3. Heart Cleansing: A Fun Resurrection

Sally and I were able to have another session today.

We had some unfinished business with the essence called Dominion who had been newly released from its cage in the last session.

I started by asking Servant about her involvement with the restoration of Dominion.  (See previous blog).

She said that when I asked for the angels to come and clean up Dominion, she “just knew” that this one was hers.

THAT is one of the finest examples of obedience there is.  When you know your design, you don’t need to be told to act on WHO YOU ARE.

I asked about the division of labor and she said the angels did the clean up and repair while Servant was there to make sure that there was no sense of rejection or abandonment in Dominion.  In some way, she, Servant, made Dominion feel legitimate in the community of Sally’s humanity.

That was an interesting insight.  But again, all about design.  Who better to imprint inclusion on a previously excluded portion of someone’s essence than Servant?

So we segued to the integration of Dominion back into Sally’s life, looking at the spot in the time line from a few centuries ago that we had been cleansing.  I observed to God that my model of the Trinity’s involvement in us is that the Father gives life, Jesus gives dominion and the Spirit brings honor.

I asked whether in practical terms that meant that the essence of Dominion would be added to Jesus’ strand of time.

There was a light weight affirmation, but I think this topic bears more observation as we go forward.

I asked the Lord to install Dominion in her rightful place and we waited.

Nothing at all happened.  Not even a flicker.

So I asked the Holy Spirit for a cue card.  The thought that floated up gently was that there might be another essence that had also been lost here.

I wasn’t sure whether that was the Spirit answering my request, or whether that was just my over active imagination, but I have no difficulty framing the thought as a petition, since God is quite adept at ignoring my imaginative requests, and quite consistent at honoring the hints that come from the Spirit.

I asked if there was another.

Sally IMMEDIATELY saw an essence that was literally buried and she knew that it was Connectivity.  THIS was needed for her to be able to connect deeply with The Father.

Made a lot of sense.

Since her forefather had chosen to enter into a deal with darkness, it would behoove him to disconnect from God.  Failure to do that would cause him to be haunted with guilt, fear, shame, etc.  Hence the crude “backyard grave” for Connectivity.

And I could see that God would not be too excited about giving Sally dominion if she was not connected to Him so as to use dominion wisely.

And, as a side note, I wonder how many people are unable to connect with God these days because some ancestor overtly repudiated the ABILITY to connect.  And though they confess their generational iniquities, clearing the slate, they don’t necessarily get back the ability to connect, since it seems to be an essence. Methinks there is a lot of work to be done here!

But I digress.

I pondered how to proceed.  God the Father raised Jesus from the dead.  Jesus raised Lazarus.  The Holy Spirit raised Eutychus.  I decided to throw it up for grabs and asked someone in the Trinity to raise Connectivity from the dead/grave.

Suddenly Sally burst out laughing.

She explained that it was just like when Jesus was raised from the dead.  He was good to go.  Didn’t need any help with PTSD, inner healing, cleansing from the crud in the grave.  He came out ready to roll, and Connectivity likewise was not going to need any ministry like Dominion had needed.  That resurrection TOOK!

Works for me.

I asked Father to install Connectivity.  I expected her to go into the Father strand of the time line, but instead Sally reported an instant lightening strike to the top of her head and an immediate change in her sense of God.

Note to self:  assign a researcher to explore the Precentral Gyrus since that seems to be the nexus of a whole lot of good and bad supernatural experiences!

The method surprised me, but I am more focused on the product than the process.  I don’t run sausage factories over here so God is free to disrupt my models any time He wants.

When the reverberations of the lightening strike settled out, I asked if Dominion could be installed now, and immediately there was a ball of intensity that landed in the middle of her Seat of Dominion, spread over the whole spirit and kept on expanding over the rest of her being.

Not bad.

Didn’t see that one coming but I like the poetic justice.  After all, what is the point of the Seat of Dominion, if there is no essence of Dominion?  Learning new stuff is great.

Note to self:  Check for other people who have their spirit solidly established in the Seat of Dominion but nothing changed.  Maybe they are missing an essence or two as well.

Since this was Surprise-Arthur-at-Every-Turn-Day, I decide to abandon all pretense of leading, and simply asked, “God, is there anything else You would like to do today?”

Instantly, Sally reported that something deep inside her had been uncapped and she felt a spring of joy bubbling up inside unlike anything she had ever experienced in the past, no matter how positive her external environment might have been.

Love it.

I chimed in with our well traveled “More, Lord!” prayer and He responded.

She had been a free spirit wild child back in the day, and I was savoring getting all that back, with Connectivity, Dominion and Joy, all under the headship of Jesus Christ which she prizes.

Then I asked if He would specifically baptize both her male and female Original Selves with joy and it sure did happen.

This landed deeply for me.  One of the subtle markers on survivors is the patina of deep grief that tends to stay with them, adding a slight tinge of grey to every good and lovely part of their life, subsequently.  That is a cruel brand the enemy puts on those who had been his for a season.

And Sally has literally been to hell and back, as have so many other survivors.  It is a formidable trauma to put behind you.  But, as she pointed out, when Jesus came out of the grave, there was no patina of crucifixion- trauma wafting along behind Him, so why shouldn’t we be free as well?

I sat and listened while she bubbled.

Suddenly she requested a Communion service for the two Original Selves and the parts around them. I agreed and hung up the phone to prep, then called back on Skype.

Sally is at the stage of working with mostly late teen parts, many of whom have been cult loyal.  The number of parts in the staging area ebbs and flows.  I am very careful not to control parts.  When I bring them out of the dark place where they have been minions to darkness, I am crystal clear that the only issue I force is that they not serve darkness any more.  Beyond that, they are free to come and go from the staging area.  I offer a variety of tools for cleansing those who wish it.

Generally there is a process of transitioning from dirty and sullen to clean and desiring integration, and I check in with them from time to time, to answer questions and coach on the cleansing process, but it is up to them to decide when they are tired of being minimalized and want to be part of the big game of life.

At this time, there were probably around a dozen parts in the two groups at various stages in their journey from rescued to integrated.

One was just two days out of darkness, and stood far back at the edge, specifically querying whether she would be in danger by being there, watching but not participating.  I assured her she was fine.

Also, during the night, another part had been emailing me, saying she was forced to do animal sacrifices and so hated it.  I decided to pause and deal with her before the Communion service.  She had already agreed in writing to be rescued.

I pinged her.  She was willing.  We got her out of darkness, stopped by the cleansing pool to wash the blood off and assuage some of the grief, then per previous agreement, immediately integrated her into the female Original Self so she would be hidden from the dark ones and would never have to do their bidding again.  She was about four years old.

After that five minute hiatus, we convened at the male Original Self’s camp.  I spoke to all the parts explaining the seriousness of Communion as a pledge of allegiance to Jesus as King.  I was not demanding it of anyone.  They had all seen Jesus in the camp at different times, doing integrations, and could postpone commitment or make the pledge.  Complete freedom.

I went to Hebrews 12 and celebrated the joy set before Christ, and talked about how much He loved it when they came out of darkness to the freedom He had purchased.  Then we broke Bread.  All but the one at the far edge participated.

Then for the Cup, I used John 15:11.  “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”  NIV

I pointed out that they had known the two O.S. for a while but had seen just now the visitation of the Joy of the Lord and how the two were so different all of a sudden.

I said they were free to stay outside and observe the joy for a while, but if they wanted to participate in the Joy of Jesus, they could go into their respective O.S. now.  Totally their choice.

So we took the Cup and all but two opted for immediate integration.

Huge WOW.

Usually, we only do one or two parts at a time because the O.S. gets a bit overwhelmed.  But now, bathed in the Joy of the Lord, and with the power of Communion, and with Connectivity and Dominion back in play, it was effortless and beautiful.

Sally was bouncing off the wall with uncommon joy.

We decided to wrap it there for now.

An hour later she wrote:  “I am still in awe. So much!  And all the integrations!  Communion was VERY special!”

So . . . another wild and wacky ordinary day at SLG, partnering with God, discovering the power of doing deliverance through the grid of the heart, cleansing time and recapturing essences.

I could get used to this.

AND, all of this has happened just in the first two chambers of the heart.  We have battled “junk” in the left atrium for all the years she has been seeking freedom and when she did the original survey earlier in the week, the left atrium was completely obscured, so we have NO IDEA what creepy crawlies are awaiting us there.

But if the warm up exercises have been immensely transformational, we have reason to believe that cleaning out the past and the pests from THAT chamber of the heart could have a rather dramatic impact on Sally’s life!

A lovely beginning to my Friday!

Copyright July 2017 by Arthur Burk

2. Heart Cleansing: A Covenant in the Dimensions

I spoke with Sally again today about her heart journey.

She shared both a floating feeling of being connected to God in a way she had never experienced before (even though she has been a Christian for many years), as well as a specific, measurable, verifiable incident of God communicating with her precisely, in a situation where she had asked specifically for an answer.

That was an encouraging firstfruit.

There was no push back for me to the right ventricle work like there was yesterday.  The inside of the ventricle looked clean, clear and comfortable.  But there was still the nagging sense of something being missing, probably dominion.

I asked God what He wanted to show her.


I asked Him to show her the section of her time line where stuff was not right.


So I assumed that we were dealing with a shield of invisibility that the enemy had created to block freedom and healing from coming.  We know that we deal with this through the sound of God.

I calmly called the critters to attention and read Job 38 to them for a bit of remedial education.  There was no reaction inside.  That was a bit surprising, since normally when you take down a shield, the cockroaches go running for a dark corner.  I had no idea whether we had succeeded or not, but moved ahead.

I asked God to take down the wall and to show her whatever He wanted her to see.

There was instantly the picture of a pocket watch, and the sense that she was looking at horse and buggy days.

The watch suggested to me a covenant dealing with time in some way.  Her spirit concurred, but said seasons.

I asked God to show the affected time line.  It instantly came into view with some occult time off to the side. That was very encouraging.  It means the work she had done with various practitioners over the years, cleansing her generational lines had already separated out that occult stuff from her time line.  Just hadn’t quite destroyed it.

Whenever I see signs of a covenant, a core part of the protocol is to reject any gifts or power or rights that were received from darkness and to proclaim that she is not impoverished by the rejection of those assets.  God is able to provide everything she needs to achieve everything she is called to do.  I did that proclamation and asked for the destruction of occult time and assets from this incident all the way to the present.

We waited while she watched it all fade away without drama.

Asked about the three strands of time — Father, Son and Spirit — and she said they came into the picture rightly aligned, then got really tangled and knotted up.  No surprise.

I asked God to clean up the mess.

Waited and watched.

Eventually all three were right, lying near each other, but not laying tightly next to each other like a normal rope.  I have seen this several times and have no clue what it means.  I invoked the Trinity.  There is no distance or division among the Trinity, so I asked that the three strands of the cord of time would lie tightly and closely to each other, as in the Trinity.

Easy fix.

So, in my opinion, the occult dynamics of the covenant had been taken care of.  And time was cleaned up.  Sally felt that she had lost an essence that belonged in the right ventricle, and that it might be dominion.  It was time to go fishing to find out.

I asked God whether there was an essence that had been extracted from her life back then and whether He wanted to show it to her.

She immediately saw a bonfire and beyond the bonfire was a cage and in the cage was an essence — looked like a person.

A bonfire is one of the three common symbols for a covenant.  I did the usual Isaiah 28 call for judgment and the annulling of the covenant and the removal of the iron cage which symbolized the “taxes” which she (or in this case the essence) needed to pay because of the covenant.

Absolutely nothing changed at all.

That could mean several things.  I guessed that the covenant was being maintained in the dimensions.  I know that authority, law, confession and all those things apply in time and space, but not in the dimensions.  There you need power, which, fortunately, God has an absolute abundance of.

This was driven home in Genesis 1:2.  Before there was time and space, God came and moved with the dominion and precision of an eagle, flying through the dimensions that “were without form and void.”  He established for us the rock solid reality that He has NO limitations at all in the dimensions, ever.  Just utter power.

So I reminded Jesus that He had a vested interest in Sally being free, and asked Him to move with power in that dimension to destroy the covenant and the cage and to bring the essence into this spot of time and space.

He did.  With zeal, efficiency and joy.

The essence seemed utterly disoriented, which would be rather understandable since it had been caged for centuries and woke up abruptly without any preamble.

I asked the Lord to send angels to minister to it, and they came.  Interestingly, the Servant portion of Sally’s spirit came running from the Seat of Dominion, which I thought was quite special.

Sally had the sense that the clean up and upfit could take a few hours, so we stood down for today.

To be continued.

Copyright July 2017 by Arthur Burk


1. Heart Cleansing: A Shield Around Time

Last week we learned a lot about the heart and the ability to discover issues with time when we look through that grid.

I use the illustration of looking at you with my eyes.  All I see is your skin — nothing beyond.  With an X-ray, we can see the bones that were there all along, but not visible at the skin level.

In the same way, conventional deliverance finds a lot of stuff that is actionable, but it seems that the issues with time are most visible when seen through the grid of the heart.

Our current model suggests that there are three strands of time — Father, Son and Spirit.  Any one of the three can be compromised.  Also, we see the four chambers of the heart as representing Father, Son, Spirit and Kingdom in the order of the blood flow.

With the new insights from the EKG process last week, we have been fumbling our way along, experimenting with real life application.

I worked with “Sally” yesterday and found some stuff related to God the Father in the right atrium.  We dealt with it fairly easily, using standard tools.  I felt something was lacking and it was not time to ask Father to come and imprint whatever it is about Him that belongs in the right atrium, so we let it ride overnight.

Today her spirit said all the work was done in the right atrium.  I asked for Father to do whatever needed to be done and nothing at all happened.


Wondered if we needed to clean the whole heart, and then install the Trinity all at one time.  Don’t know.  Have never walked this way before.

We decided to go on to the right ventricle to see what could be done there.  When we moved that direction, there was a problem I had not seen before and I felt all the motivation drain out of me.  All I wanted was to get off the phone and go do something worthwhile.


Most of the time, seeing a new problem gets my juices flowing big time.  I love revealing some new facet of the polyvariegated wisdom of God.

But this time, all the air was gone from my balloon.

Really odd.

I reached deep and kept pushing.

I asked God to show her spirit what the three strands of time looked like in her life.

The short version is that there was “insulation” over all three strands of time for a period of a number of years.  That was the exact period of time that she was under an apostolic leader who insisted that only the apostle could hear from God for the people.

The apostle built a powerful culture of control, and established a norm that anyone who questioned the apostle was in fact rebelling against God Most High.  And, of course, in that situation the apostle could not allow anyone to hear from God directly.  Hence the tube of insulation around all three strands of time.

This was partly because of the apostle’s heavy hand.  And partly because Sally had wholeheartedly submitted to that teaching back in the day, as she sought to be fully pleasing to God with her submission.

Now here is what is sad about that picture.  Sally has revisited that season of her life in ministry sessions at least a couple dozen times, doing everything that she knew to clean it up, make things right inside herself and in her relationship with God.

But, everything she had seen so far was on the level of the skin.  When we went to the heart, it allowed her spirit to see an X-ray of the time line and find the root problem.

Clean up was pretty simple.  We simply did an addendum to the previous renunciations, applying them to the insulation over the time line and asked God to remove it.  It took about five minutes to melt away.

We just waited.

Then I simply asked Father to restore the Father strand of that time line to “factory specs.”

That took a while.

We waited.

Then I invited Father to avenge himself on His ancient enemy by enlarging and enhancing that strand of her time so that she could have a deeper relationship with Him than was originally designed.

There was no immediate action indicating any desire on His part to move in that direction, at least not now.

We were out of time by then.  Sally had a mixture of elation over the restoration and of tenderness inside over the immensity of the repair work done.

One side note that I can’t figure out how to fit neatly in the story above:  when she first saw the insulating tube, she became furious.  Angry enough that tears came.

I smiled.  So much for the devil’s emotional shut down from the right ventricle.  When we go back there in a few days, I don’t think it, she or I will feel blank any more.

So the adventure continues.  Feeling our way along.  Discovering new things.  But it is quite clear that if you want to get a handle on your time line, looking at it through the grid of the human heart certainly brings some things in to perspective.

She had invested a lot in cleaning up that specific issue.  But none of the previous work had gotten to the heart of the matter — some human in authority, blocking her from experiencing the Trinity in her life, through a device on her time line.

THAT is sickening.

Copyright July 2017 by Arthur Burk