Are You Missing A Permission?

I have been working intermittently with someone who has a huge amount of wholeness, follows directions impeccably, but simply has very little initiative in life.

We have talked through the fact that slaves obey and sons create, but there has been no movement.  Seems to be more than a spirit of slavery.

Today I realized that she came out of a home and a religious stream that withheld permissions.  Specifically, her father absolutely dominated every facet of the home.  He did the grocery shopping, defined the food they ate, determined who their friends were, what they did for holidays and everything else in between.

Her mother was compliant and executed as directed.  She had no permission to be a person, much less a woman or a wife.

The religious stream “Sally” went into was equally as repressive, with the leader having all permission, and any initiative on the part of the people being deemed rebellion or an independent spirit.

I asked Father to come to Sally’s spirit and to give her the appropriate permissions to be who she was made to be at this point in her life.  There was a very tender moment.

I pondered that for a while.  Sally’s father was extreme in his predatory, smothering control.  BUT, almost every spouse and every parent has denied permission to someone.  It might be worth your time to look at that picture.

As I looked at my childhood, the biggest withholding of permission from Dad was permission to risk in relationships.  We could risk with tarantulas, snakes, and sting rays, but people were deemed horrendously dangerous and we were to walk very conservatively in regards to our associates.

I am not sure where it happened, but somewhere along the way I was given (or took!) permission to associate with rabble, road kill and assorted dangerous bipeds.  I might be better off with a tad bit of Dad’s caution these days, but the horse is out of the barn on this issue.

I looked at Mom.  Couldn’t find a single area where she withheld a permission that would be useful for me as an adult.  All of the withholdings were quite useful for keeping this black sheep alive during a turbulent childhood.

Then I looked at their marriage.  Dad DEFINITELY withheld permission for Mom to have her own theological ideas.  He was the sole arbiter of theological orthodoxy for his entire family.  On that one, I distinctly remember when and where God gave me permission to be my own man in terms of my beliefs.

Then I looked at Mom and permissions given to Dad.  I hit a black hole there.  I couldn’t think of any single permission that she could have given him!  Not sure what that means.

Anyway, it was a worthwhile exercise for me, just to see how nuanced permissions could be.  Dad might have been considered guilty of child endangering for all of the permissions he gave us to work with power tools and to roam the jungle and the river with all of its pests.  He was a highly permissive father in that regard, but in one other niche, not so much.

For those of you coaching people on a journey, you might add this to your tool box and see if you can easily release some people who are still walking in the shadow of parental lack of permission.

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Experimenting with Causes of Geographic Disorientation

In the last few days I read a book on how the brain functions.  This author has a contrarian view which he defends passionately.  However, at the end of the day, his model is strictly nature vs. nurture + woundedness.  Old, old stuff.

I alternated between irritation and sadness over the inadequate frame for explaining what causes the brain to do things they don’t understand.  There is no room in most models for the human spirit, alien human spirits, demons, spiritual structures, trauma bonds to time or land, soul ties, curses and covenants, yet all of those things are going to impact brain function for better or for worse (usually the later).

In the midst of the same-old-same-old, there was a nugget that intrigued me.  He identified with significant precision the feedback loop that is responsible for someone being well oriented geographically vs. those who easily get lost in a new city, or who historically are disoriented in any place but their most familiar turf.

I have some theories about what might be going on there beyond the organic component and am interested in testing my theories.

The problem is, I am quite busy now with sundry other worthy projects, so I can’t really justify the time to go deep.  The dream scenario is that you come here, we do a battery of tests, then do follow up ministry to your spirit and confrontation of anything else that does not belong there.  Then in addition to tracking the anecdotal reports of change, you would come back for another battery of tests to compare hard data before and after so as to have something to present to the skeptics.

I simply cannot afford that kind of time.

So here is the skinny version. We will skip all the before and after testing and simply go with discernment and your reporting.  AND in the interest of efficiency, instead of trying to synchronize schedules for repeated ministry calls, I am simply going to ask for a spiritual “power of attorney” for me and my team to poke around on our schedule, without your being in on the calls.  That also eliminates the “placebo effect.”

Clearly we would deal with any sentient creatures and structures first as well as coaching your spirit on redoing some of the wiring in the feedback loop we are looking at.

You would send an email once a month or so reporting change or lack thereof.

So . . . if you have a very high trust level in me and my team, are willing to let us explore the sanctuary of your brain, and if you have a long standing significant problem with not being able to even follow a GPS effectively, I would love to hear from you.  We are only going to work with five people since that is a large enough pool to test my idea.

If it turns out to be significantly transformational, we will write up the protocol here, and everyone else can work on it themselves.

We are now officially open for volunteers.  Write me at

UPDATE:  As of Monday  night, the test group has been formed.  We had a very large number of applicants. 

Watch this blog as we share result — if there are any.

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The Savior Mentality and Land

Guest blog by Megan Caldecourt:

Not too long ago I was doing ministry with a friend who owned a real estate business with her husband.  They had one property where the manager was a real troublemaker.  The bigger problem, however, was that they couldn’t make him leave.  The process had dragged on for various reason and they just needed to get him out of there and on his way.

We explored the situation for a while and ended up looking at the issue of a savior mentality.  The thing that is tricky about this spiritual dynamic is that it is so easy to do.  We want to be life giving.  We want to help people.  But we have to be careful not to put ourselves in the role of savior or we open up a whole different can of worms.  By taking a role we were never made to have, we can expose our spirits to the whole world as a free source of life.  People can plug in and just drain the life right out of you.  Jesus has life everlasting.  You and I, not so much.

The idea of people plugging in and drawing out life was not a new concept to my friend.  This is something that we had already explored in a general sense, and is; in fact, available in the teaching I recorded called “The Flow of Life and the Structure of Your Spirit”.  The new piece in our discussion was the role of the land.

What we discovered is that her savior mentality towards the manager created a tie that involved the land.  So, it wasn’t just that the manager could take life from them as individuals; he had also created a defiled tie to the land itself.  So, even though they tried every which way they could think of, they simply could not make him leave.

So, I encouraged my friend to address the history of trying to be a savior to him and then to ask the Lord to disconnect any and all ties between them and the manager and the manager and the land.  She asked the Lord to establish His timing and will in the situation.

The manager was gone within a week.

More recently I had another friend who had some real staff problems with jealousy.  Again, there was at least one person who needed to go and they could not make it happen.  I shared the same strategy with her and two of the problem staff members were gone within a couple of weeks.  The savior mentality had been present for the owner as it had been with the previous story, and when she addressed it and cut the ties between the people and the land, things could move forward the way they needed to.

I don’t know yet whether the people were the root cause and the land was defiled by them or if the land itself was already defiled and attracted the behavior to it.  Perhaps a little bit of both.  But what is emerging as a pattern is that the land CAN be a factor in the mix.  Somehow the unhealthy ties of the people on the land causes the land to become tied as well and all three players need to be addressed before full release can happen.  I spoke with another person recently who had a different scenario, but we still wondered if the land was involved.  In this case, she had a savior mentality towards her husband and we explored whether his progress forward was blocked because of a tie between her, him, and the land.  In this case, the issue was not to get the person, her husband, to leave.  The issue was that the defilement on the land and the tie may have been holding him back from embracing the new season of their marriage.

This is not to say that the land automatically factors into all situations where we need to disconnect from people.  But I am definitely seeing a pattern emerge, and it is worth considering the land, especially if you are stuck like my two friends were.  It certainly doesn’t harm anything if you ask God to disconnect ties to the land that don’t belong there.  In the stories I shared above, the situation was land owners who had staff that needed to leave.  It may be that you have a renter who needs to leave, or someone who has stayed with you and their season has ended.  Or maybe it is a relationship that is stuck and needs some help progressing by releasing it from the ties that were created by a savior mentality.

This is an area where we are definitely still experimenting, but there is enough of a pattern to put it out there for you to try.  I would certainly love any feedback you wish to share on what worked and what kinds of results you saw.  If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at

If you have not listened to “The Flow of Life” before, you might start there since it gives the background to the whole concept of people drawing life from our spirits.  You can order it from my website as a CD album or audio download by clicking here.

Megan Caldecourt  Flow of Life SLG Coaching blog
July 2016





Chemo and Authority

Greetings and Salutations to the SLG Tribe!  🙂  This is Megan from the California office.

I read Arthur’s first blog about chemotherapy and the idea of involving the spirit in the process of keeping the poison of the chemicals out of the rest of the body.  Several people commented that they had done something similar and saw positive results.  Then Arthur took it up a notch and said we could pray that the chemo would be a surgical strike against the cancer in a way similar to several stories in Scripture, beginning with the Hebrews and the Exodus.  This sent my mind and spirit whirring.  I was especially drawn to the plague on the firstborn sons.  Humanly speaking, it wouldn’t be that hard to track the firstborn in every family, though in an entire nation, it would be a lot of work.  Not impossible.  But God didn’t stop with the humans.  The plague extended to the cattle as well.   The Egyptians had already suffered from two plagues that killed their livestock, and who knows how many animals they bought off the Hebrews to replenish their herds.  Who could possibly have kept track of all of that?

God did.  In herds of hundreds, only the firstborn died.  That is some serious precision.

So, if our God knows that level of detail, would He not also know every cancer cell in a person’s body?  Could He not strike as precisely in the microcosm of a human body as He could in the macrocosm of a nationwide plague on the firstborn cattle?

This is our God!

Friends, as I pondered this facet of God’s nature and all of the people in our lives who are fighting cancer, I thought about how far we have already come in our war against the Egyptian Curse.  When Arthur introduced the concept months ago, it was for us to join together as a tribe and push against this spiritual dynamic that devours our lives.  We have warred and worshipped together with endurance, so why not turn that earned authority in the direction of people who are fighting this grim battle?

We have momentum already because of our prayers.  I invite you to extend that momentum towards those who need this precision strategy against cancer.   What new colors of God’s wisdom could we see through this?  What might God want to reveal about Himself when an entire tribe of people unites to bring God Speed to the healing of cancer and to make a spectacle of the enemy?

I look forward to celebrating Him with you!


Chemo and Freedom

I have been very excited about the replies to the previous blog about controlling the chemo so it does not destroy the body.  Obviously others have been way out ahead of us.  We have two stories in the comments indicating that they did exactly that and it worked.


I realized that while that is good, it completely misses the main point which is to kill the cancer.  Some of the plagues were carpet bombing like the way we use chemo today.  There were frogs and locust everywhere.  Others were precise and limited.

Here we are talking about the tenth plague which was the targeted killing of only the firstborn, from the king to the slave to the animals, to any Hebrews who did not cover their door posts with blood.

You see, going through seven plagues with protection did not set them free.  What brought freedom for the Hebrews was some very targeted death all over Egypt.

THIS is what we need to focus on.  Yes to protecting the good cells.  But let’s speak to the human spirit and ask the Holy Spirit to supernaturally concentrate the chemo in ways no human doctor can, precisely and specifically on every single cancer cell.  Invoke the fact that no firstborns in Egypt escaped.  It was targeted in that no second born kids died, but it was also targeted in that EVERY firstborn was accurately identified – all the way down to the cattle.

Another picture is the Battle of the Valley of Aijalon in Joshua 10:10ff.  The Canaanites were running away faster than the Israelites could kill them, so God got out His slingshot and began potting the retreating soldiers with hailstones.  In the end, He scored endless direct hits and accomplished more than the Israelite army did.

Another one is in 2 Kings 7 where there was a stampede and just one officer was killed – the one who sassed the prophet and The Almighty the day before.  Who ever heard of a stampede where only one person was killed?  A targeted killing, by God, who was angry at the man.

Another is Ahab.  He went into battle disguised as an ordinary officer so he would not get targeted by the Arameans.  However, God targeted him.  An enemy soldier drew his bow at random and God directed the arrow to kill the king who was under a death sentence.  2 Chronicles 18:33ff.

So God does surgical strikes better than any remote controlled drone can.  Let’s bless the chemo in the hands of God (not according to the doctors’ pronouncements and opinions) to be a fantasticaly deadly weapon, targeting the cells that are defying God’s order for life.

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From the Hub

NOT a half baked potato.  A deadly, Biblical prayer.

Chemo and Prayer

My understanding of biology is pretty primitive, but I am going to float a model and see if I get piled on by the scientists and doctors in our midst.

Broadly speaking, each cell was made to participate in exchange.  A cell receives something of value from the surrounding ecosystem, converts it to something of greater value to the ecosystem.

Broadly speaking, cancer cells receive and consume.  They exploit the assets of the rest of the body to build their own empire at the expense of the health of the person.

I share that because it seems to fit the picture of an Egyptian Curse.  When the Hebrews were in the brickyards, they were building for the benefit of the Egyptians and were not permitted to participate much in the benefit of their labor.

If we embrace that picture, then chemo therapy becomes an interesting picture.   It is, at the end of the day, just a fancy word for poison.  You poison the body to try to kill more bad cells than good cells.  As one friend said, “Surviving cancer is no big deal.  Surviving cancer treatment is a real big deal!”

The dream treatment in oncology is to be able to target the cancer cells while doing the least damage to the rest of the body.  That is part of the premise of radiation – you can point at a specific spot and not have to make the whole body toxic.

So I wonder what would happen if someone invoked the ten plagues as a model for chemo.  For the final seven plagues, God targeted the Egyptians with ruthless death and destruction, while exempting the Hebrews from the death.  Science has not been able to focus the chemo on just the cancerous cells, but I know God can.

If any of your friends are enduring chemo at present, why don’t you call their spirit to attention, explain the concept and encourage their spirit to partner with the Holy Spirit to funnel the chemo to the areas where it is needed instead of the whole body.

Obviously we can’t watch the process while it is going on to see what the changes are after that prayer, but if a person is already in the middle of the treatment and has a baseline, I would expect that they would have far fewer side effects when the poison is being concentrated in the right place.

This is clearly just one of my half baked potatoes.  Listen to your spirit and the Holy Spirit to see if it is even a road you should go down, but if you do, let me know the results – even if there is no change at all.

Prayer Before Surgery

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Strategy about Lack of Community

Here is the profile that attracted my attention.  Rob and Louise are in wildly different professions, different parts of the world and different stages of life.  But they had a common problem.

Both had difficulties sustaining the kind of communication that builds relationships.  Both are in public venues where they offer customer service, so there is an above average visibility factor.  People would come in the normal business context, have a dialog about a product they carry or a problem they want to solve with the company’s product.

The conversation seemed good and friendly, but it would stop there.  Whether the customer bought the product or not, there was none of the normal relationship building that should go on with a maturing customer base.

The same was true with their social media.  Some people would connect, but it was always short and focused, never having the tone of desire to build relationship.

Over the last eight years, we have talked endlessly about communication skills, curses, Leviathan, generational issues and anything else I could imagine, but we never cracked the code.  Both of them – and many others – were simply not getting back from the community the level of connectedness that would be expected.  Meanwhile a lot of people with dismal social skills had a reasonable number of friends and relationships.

I finally got tired of the battle and backed off, which was a mistake.  The devil promptly kicked it up a notch until Louise was nearly disconnected from the general public.  Emails, Facebook, SMS, IM and phone calls ground to an almost total halt.  We knew it was demonic when she went 36 hours without a single piece of spam email!

I am not a big fan of talking with demons to get information.  They tell the truth a lot and lie just a little, but you waste a lot of time trying to figure out which is which.  But in this case, I went against my preferences and called the demon involved to attention and cross examined him.

I specifically asked which part of nature he was manipulating to cause potential relationships to never emerge from the generic conversations and social contacts that both Rob and Louise have in abundance.  I asked about sound and fragrance.

His grudging response was that he messed with the structures in the air.

Now, on the one hand, it was a demon speaking and they often lie.  On the other hand, sound is the movement of air.  So it seemed plausible.

Here is my theory.  If there are bad structures, there have to be good structures.  If the structures of air can cause communication to diminish relationships then the structures of air, in theory, could contribute to rich relationships emerging from communication.

Rob and Louise are far from unique.  There are a lot of people with respectable social skills who cannot generate the flow of communication that serves as the foundation for normal relationships.  People know they are there and people respect their competence enough to ask for help occasionally, but there is not an ordinary cluster of friends that emerges in their lives.

If the demon told the truth – which I think is plausible enough that I am writing this blog – then asking God to establish the right structures in the air around people should product widespread results.  We will always get some placebo effect from these prayers, but if this is real, there should be widespread, “measurable, verifiable, sustained change.”

In other words, people who are in their forties and don’t have a community around them, will suddenly find community happening as people move toward them valuing their presence.

Let’s bring a good, hard global thrust to this problem.  Please specifically name Rob and Louise, along with anyone else you wish to include.  Ask for four things.

-Ask God to remove the demons that are manipulating structures on the air.

-Ask God to remove all of the distorted structures on air that the enemy has established.

-Ask for God’s Kingdom to come on earth, by His establishing the structures that He desires to have on the air around Rob and Louise.

-Ask God to reveal a new color of His wisdom to the spiritual realm as He does something to the structures of air that they don’t even know about.

This last one is huge to me.  We don’t just want to reverse what the devil does.  We want to go over the top, expressing some facet of the wisdom of God that they have never even imagined.

We will watch what happens to Rob and Louise and all the others like them in the world.

One reason I think there is merit to this strategy is that Paul called the devil the “prince of the power of the air.”  I have always loosely considered him the prince of the air, not the ground, but possibly there is a deeper meaning here.

So we are off on another grand adventure, compliments of the SLG think tank and its intrepid experimenter.

Copyright November 2015 by Arthur Burk     A Hard Life

From a bird sanctuary with some lovely sound in the early mornings

2. Thyroid: Hypothalamus and Fractal of Two

I was in touch with Fred over the weekend.  He reported being emotionally in an unusual place.  He couldn’t quite put language to it, but it was not his norm, and it was not good.  He also needed more sleep and was pretty under-energized for three days.

This was no surprise.  On the one hand, we had removed a very significant AHS that had kept him secretly tied to his sexual abuser all these years.  Second, we had prayed for a lot of alignment work in his hypothalamus.  Either of those could have destabilized him.

By Tuesday he had his feet under him and came in for another round.  It was with great anticipation/concern that we tested his hypothalamus.  To my immense surprise, it was EXACTLY even at the start.  I am not sure I have ever had someone perfectly connected and balanced even after manual bridging.  The fact that the connection from five days ago held was quite astounding and encouraging.

We will continue to check that every time, but we now have a lightly held hypothesis that a chronic disconnect in the hypothalamus could be the result of a breach in the fractal of two.  Let me repeat that one result is simply a data point.  It takes at least two incidents to have even the smallest pattern.

Nonetheless, our half baked potatoes don’t have the negative side effects a lot of meds do, so we can afford to experiment.  At the end of this blog is a prayer you can embrace or edit to your personal tastes about a number of facets of the fractal of two, since it is much larger than simply gender issues.  If you have any doubts about the condition of your hypothalamus, feel free to pray this for yourself or your family once or regularly.

After a Prophet-brief celebration of the progress with the hypothalamus, I had Megan turn her formidable probe in the direction of the Pituitary that is quite modestly called the Master Gland in deference to its being the multifaceted, highly opinionated, intrusive, hard working Prophet portion of the endocrine system.

Here we have four points.  There are the right and left sides of the posterior and anterior pituitary.

The first test can only be described as ragged.  All four readings were far from synchronized with anything, anywhere.  All were in the normal range of 45-65 but not clustered at all.

One of our experimental tools is frequencies.  We decided to expose the pituitary to some music in the key of C major which we think matches the Prophet design.

The results were intriguing.  The right side of the pituitary came from 11.7 points apart to being only 1.4 points apart.  The left side moved farther apart.  Obviously this is something to try again in different contexts, but it is not the panacea at the present.

My second tool was prayer.  I worked the pituitary over with all of the language I could think of and we retested.  It promptly scrambled all the numbers that the music had somewhat sorted out.  When prayer backfires, that says to me there are critters or devices.

I called our seer and she reported a device.  I asked some strategic questions and we quickly identified a problem person in Fred’s background.  Did some clean up and sent him to rest for a bit since he was getting tired of being poked anyway.

When the dust had settled from the cleansing, we tested one last time.  The results were very interesting.  The posterior pituitary was nearly balanced at 63.7 and 64.2.  Half a point apart is amazing after where we had been.

The anterior pituitary was at 54.2 and 51.3.  That is not as close as we would like, and it certainly is far from the posterior.

So the question at present is, “What is right?”

We don’t know.  We will park this for a bit, see what happens to Fred after all that meddling and pick up the story another day.

2. Thyroid: Hypothalamus and Fractal of TwoNew spiritual authority

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