2. Thyroid: Hypothalamus and Fractal of Two

I was in touch with Fred over the weekend.  He reported being emotionally in an unusual place.  He couldn’t quite put language to it, but it was not his norm, and it was not good.  He also needed more sleep and was pretty under-energized for three days.

This was no surprise.  On the one hand, we had removed a very significant AHS that had kept him secretly tied to his sexual abuser all these years.  Second, we had prayed for a lot of alignment work in his hypothalamus.  Either of those could have destabilized him.

By Tuesday he had his feet under him and came in for another round.  It was with great anticipation/concern that we tested his hypothalamus.  To my immense surprise, it was EXACTLY even at the start.  I am not sure I have ever had someone perfectly connected and balanced even after manual bridging.  The fact that the connection from five days ago held was quite astounding and encouraging.

We will continue to check that every time, but we now have a lightly held hypothesis that a chronic disconnect in the hypothalamus could be the result of a breach in the fractal of two.  Let me repeat that one result is simply a data point.  It takes at least two incidents to have even the smallest pattern.

Nonetheless, our half baked potatoes don’t have the negative side effects a lot of meds do, so we can afford to experiment.  At the end of this blog is a prayer you can embrace or edit to your personal tastes about a number of facets of the fractal of two, since it is much larger than simply gender issues.  If you have any doubts about the condition of your hypothalamus, feel free to pray this for yourself or your family once or regularly.

After a Prophet-brief celebration of the progress with the hypothalamus, I had Megan turn her formidable probe in the direction of the Pituitary that is quite modestly called the Master Gland in deference to its being the multifaceted, highly opinionated, intrusive, hard working Prophet portion of the endocrine system.

Here we have four points.  There are the right and left sides of the posterior and anterior pituitary.

The first test can only be described as ragged.  All four readings were far from synchronized with anything, anywhere.  All were in the normal range of 45-65 but not clustered at all.

One of our experimental tools is frequencies.  We decided to expose the pituitary to some music in the key of C major which we think matches the Prophet design.

The results were intriguing.  The right side of the pituitary came from 11.7 points apart to being only 1.4 points apart.  The left side moved farther apart.  Obviously this is something to try again in different contexts, but it is not the panacea at the present.

My second tool was prayer.  I worked the pituitary over with all of the language I could think of and we retested.  It promptly scrambled all the numbers that the music had somewhat sorted out.  When prayer backfires, that says to me there are critters or devices.

I called our seer and she reported a device.  I asked some strategic questions and we quickly identified a problem person in Fred’s background.  Did some clean up and sent him to rest for a bit since he was getting tired of being poked anyway.

When the dust had settled from the cleansing, we tested one last time.  The results were very interesting.  The posterior pituitary was nearly balanced at 63.7 and 64.2.  Half a point apart is amazing after where we had been.

The anterior pituitary was at 54.2 and 51.3.  That is not as close as we would like, and it certainly is far from the posterior.

So the question at present is, “What is right?”

We don’t know.  We will park this for a bit, see what happens to Fred after all that meddling and pick up the story another day.

2. Thyroid: Hypothalamus and Fractal of TwoNew spiritual authority

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Sulcus Centralis

That Latin word describes something in the brain.  Here is the backstory.

“Sally” had a bumpy childhood then did a lot of repair work in her adult life.  She has been exceptionally diligent to work with her spirit and learn what each of the seven portions is about.

She has also had a wide variety of deliverance over the decades, ranging from old school yelling at the demons to more sophisticated techniques.

In her messy season she had chronic problems with her mind racing relentlessly, even though there was no particular urgency to be thinking like that.  Healing and deliverance resolved that some time back, except when she goes to a particular location associated with her past, then she endures it for as long as she is there.

However, this week, it re-occurred randomly while she was at home living an ordinary life.  She went to her deliverance team and they booted the demon fairly easily, then she wrote me and asked why it could attach to her.

I floated the theory that there was possibly an anomaly in her brain at that spot and asked if her spirit could go searching and find the exact spot where the critter attached.

To my immense delight, the Prophet and Mercy portions of her spirit went there and identified a spot that they feel very confident is THE place where the “revving up demon” attaches.

She went to the web to look at brain pictures and her spirit identified the spot as a place on the sulcus centralis.  As I understand this term, it is a fold in the brain marking the boundary between the frontal and the parietal lobes.  It seems to be a longish crease in the brain, and there is a precise spot, just to the right of the mid line where the demon has access.

Now we have our beloved question:  so what?

I queried her spirit about the spot.  Is it damaged?  Is there a device there?  Is something missing?

Unhesitatingly, the response was that something is missing.  I rephrased it.  The physical dynamic of the brain tissue is fine, but the spiritual fractal that it represents is deficient or gone, right?  The spirit responded with joyous affirmation that we were on track.

In one sense, this is a new concept to me, but in another not so much.  Take the issue of sight.  Your optic nerves go to the back of your head in the occipital lobe where the input signal is converted into what we consider a visual image.  There is a spiritual equivalent to that — a fractal of sight.  And some people can see perfectly well with their physical eyes but not so much with their spiritual eyes.

Thus I can vaguely imagine some spiritual fractal being missing from any portion of the brain.

That is our hunt at present.  I am not well versed in the anatomy of the brain.  If those of you with medical background could share your wisdom with us, I would be appreciative.

What we know now is that this is a crease in the brain between the frontal lobe and the parietal lobe.  It is a demarcation, but not a fence between the two.

One question that bubbles up is how many creases of this type are there?  I wonder if that would give us a clue.

I am looking for any sort of biological characteristics of that tissue and its functions.  We will start by doing due diligence and crowd sourcing the research.  If we don’t come up with anything that we can leverage into an understanding of the intended spiritual dynamic, then we will ask for revelation from Father.

Once we understand the physical reality, I suspect we can identify the original spiritual fractal.  Then I can query the spirit and find out which portion of the fractal is missing.  From there, we would query the whole spirit to find out which portion of the spirit has the anointing to repair a missing fractal.

Kind of out there, but worth exploring.  And if we are right about this whole theory, it would open the door for a world of other strategies for the brain.

But hold the champagne.  We are a long way from cracking the code on this one.

So medical people, can you inform us on the nature and function of the sulcus centralis?

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Fractals of Sound

There is a lengthy back story here.

Beginning around Monday the 23rd of March, there was a general “not good” feeling in the spiritual climate.  I ignored it and pushed through.

By Wednesday of that week, it was severe so I pinged a bit and found that it was pretty pervasive in North America, Europe and Africa.  We explored various global events, trying to make a connection but nothing was convincing.

By Wednesday it was clear that highly interrupted sleep was a common thread.  By Friday communication and relationships were sliding very fast.  This was certainly not universal, but was definitely pretty intense.

As I studied the dozens of reports from around the world, looking for clues and patterns, we came back to sound again and again.  It seemed as though defiled sound from the underworld was being intruded into our realms.  We tried a variety of basic things and didn’t put a scratch on the problem.

Then today, someone mentioned that they were feeling heavy — not in an emotional sense, but in a physical sense.  I prodded, looking for a different word and they were insistent.  Their body felt heavy.  Not tired from lack of sleep, but heavy to move.  Everything took lots of effort.

That led me to the concept of someone after a bad heart attack.  If they severely damage the muscle of the left ventricle, they cannot send oxygen rich blood to the extremities and it costs them huge effort to lift their legs to climb up three steps to the front porch.  It feels as though their body is heavy, but really it is lack of oxygen to drive the large muscles.

When I coupled that with the issue of sound, it reminded me of some junk I have seen elsewhere.  It feels as though there is a device in some people that receives sound from the dark side and then transmits that sound to the physical and spiritual hearts to diminish functionality.   When the nervous system that controls the heart contractions is significantly suppressed, the natural oxygen and the spiritual oxygen do not get distributed.

Well, as theories go, that is a bit far out there.  But we have some far out guinea pigs so I called up the one who first said she was heavy, explained my idea and asked what she thought.  Her response was typical:  didn’t care to discuss it, just try it.

I did.

It worked pretty dramatically for her.  Over the course of about 15 minutes the heaviness in her body faded away and she was able to function normally.  Her mood also went up considerably in that same time.

All this went down before lunch.  The idea of heaviness was so odd, I decided to float the question on Facebook, and by the time I came back from lunch we had 28 people who chimed in that they too had been dealing with heaviness.

Quite remarkable for the narrowness of the question.

Now in typical SLG fashion, there is yet another thread.  Before sound went goofy, God had backed me in a corner where nothing I knew worked for the person who was querying me.  Once I was suitably powerless, God took over and I heard myself praying that the fractals in this area of their body that had been lost through the generations and taken by the enemy recently should all be put back in proper alignment.

It made a big difference to that guinea pig.  I have used that on a few other people for a week, in different areas of their bodies and consistently seen measurable, verifiable (and for a few days at least since this is very new) sustained change in their body functions.

So I decided since that is the new toy du jour, I would experiment with it here.  It seemed to work pretty emphatically.

I have recorded a prayer dealing with cutting off the dark sound and restoring to our nervous system all of the fractals of sound that God has intended us to have.

You can listen to it here.

Since this is clearly very experimental, I would strongly appreciate feedback within a day or so of listening to this prayer.  And if it works for you, tell a friend who is experiencing the heaviness.

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