Processing Disappointment #12

Let’s call her Mrs. Jones, just in case she reads this blog.

She colored my life early on.  Her role in my universe was to know everyone’s emotions.  If Jimmy Smith was going to his first day of kindergarten, Mrs. Jones “knew” exactly how traumatic this was for Mrs. Smith, and she coached us all on how to wisely and skillfully sympathize with Mrs. Smith in her deep pain, if we should happen to see her.

As a matter of fact, Mrs. Smith joyfully dropped Jimmy off at the school steps and raced off to the beauty salon to have a facial, hair cut, perm, nails and a pedicure done – without once hearing the word, “Moooooooommy!”

It did not matter how often Mrs. Jones was wrong about what other people were feeling.  And it certainly did not matter how much data you brought to the table about how other people were REALLY feeling.  She “knew” that this is what they were feeling inside, and even if Mrs. Smith appeared to be having a blast making herself feel beautiful during four uninterrupted hours without having to be a mommy, Mrs. Jones was absolutely sure that “inside” she was hurting badly over the separation from her little kid.  She just wasn’t as in touch with her feelings as the all-knowing Mrs. Jones was.

The really ugly part of it all, was that Mrs. Jones knew every emotion I had, why I had them and how long I had them – even when I didn’t have any of those emotions.

She was the community psycho-analyst and there was the occasional secret discussion about whether she was psycho or would drive us psycho with her unrelenting analysis.

Tragically, when I left Brazil, Mrs. Jones got cloned and has turned up with disgusting regularity through the decades of my variegated walk.

I never found any grace for Mrs. Jones and her despicable clones.  They all just rubbed me deeply.  I developed a fairly simple process of editing them out of my environment as efficaciously as possible.

As I pondered the discoveries from the last blog on disappointment, I realized that the lack of permission to be on the journey I am actually on, is really one of the deepest, most pervasive sore spots in my life.  Mrs. Jones was the arbiter of legitimate emotions and mine weren’t.

I am certifiably weird.

I feel things differently than most people do.  My emotions about our presidential election, the Chicago Cubs, Aleppo, BLM, Kaepernick, traffic, poor service at a restaurant, comics or LAC are probably going to be different from your emotions about the same things.

And that creates reaction.  Community is broadly about shared values, and I am almost always the odd man out, seeing life from a different perspective than most.

Historically, Mrs. Jones and her ilk have worked hard to make me feel condemned and corrupted for feeling what I feel.  In the last ten years, her work has been embraced by the whole PC culture that joyously bludgeons free speech into oblivion in the name of caring – for someone else!

If I were to live tweet the last presidential debate . . . well, let’s not even go there.

So . . . I learned to edit myself.  Savagely.  What I feel inside, is broadly kept to myself.  Because being me, is altogether too often not embraced by the general public.  They like the edited version of me, if they like me at all.

During the last two weeks of relentless external activity, I have pondered that a lot.  I am hugely in touch with how I feel.  I feel deeply about a whole lot of things.  But, over the last two weeks, I was my usual outward self, syncing broadly to the people around me.  The dual self operated flawlessly.  And a lot of people expressed pleasure in the edited self they met.

So what to do?

Being a dual person seems highly inauthentic.  Not one of my goals in life.

On the flip side, working in personal ministry requires massive control of emotions.  The person on the other end unleashes their claws and projects their anger from a previous person onto me.  After a harsh attack rant, I calmly respond with something designed to de-escalate the situation, rather than expressing my actual feelings about the personal assault.

I ponder Christ and the fact that He had exactly the same problem.  His mom played Mrs. Jones at least twice. And His disciples simply could not track with His emotions on an ordinary day, much less when highly complex dynamics were going down.  So, Jesus did what I did — no wait.  Never!  Ouch.  Freudian slip.  Let’s have a redo to this train of thought.

So I do what Jesus did and maintain an edited persona in public, while pouring out my real feelings to Father, in private.

The logic is impeccable, but there was no release from the tension.

As I chewed on it for a few more days (and nights) I realized one variable.  When people ask me directly what I think about something or another, it is usually safe for me to respond.  My answers are often miles away from where they thought I would be, but are generally received without push back.

Or to put it another way, Mrs. Jones does not ask what I feel.  When someone DOES ask about my emotional perspective of a situation, they are not carrying the Mrs. Jones virus.

I was quite surprised by the flood of warm feelings as I landed there.  I scrolled back through a lot of good memories of discussions that were deep and bilateral, because occasionally someone really DID want to know how I felt about something, and the fact that I was far from where they were, or where they thought I was, actually produced a scintillating conversation, devoid of wounds.

So I did some math.

Mrs. Jones + clones.  One quarter of one percent of my annual exposure to bipeds.

Ministry sessions requiring an impassive presentation.  Three quarters of one percent.

Self-absorbed people, busy with life, never wondering what I feel, and never hurting me.  94 percent.

Wonderful human beings, endowed with wisdom and perspicuity who take the time to honestly feel me out and who grant me full permission to feel what I actually do feel, whether they agree or not.  Five percent.

Sooooooooooo . . . why does Mrs. Jones exert such ginormous influence over my daily life when she represents such a tiny presence in my life?

Early childhood.

Our neuroplasticity is very high in early childhood.  My run ins with Mrs. Jones were traumatic and overpowering.  My inept soul built some huge neurological pathways to some very unhelpful wrong responses.  And her pesky clones re-vaccinated me every once in a while, to keep those pathways well maintained.

The reality is, I have a huge set of tools for dealing with this nonsense.  I just hadn’t seen the nonsense that needed to be dealt with.

I can take the tools from the PTSD album and disconnect from the original incident with Mrs. Jones (which I remember with scary clarity after 58 years – which says something about unfinished business right there).  Then I can very intentionally build some impressive new pathways to the joy and pleasure centers of my brain, using the tools from that album.

At the end of the day, the odds of my interfacing with someone who is interested in how I really feel are vastly greater than the odds of my meeting Mrs. Jones.  And with six months of diligent work, I can bring my pesky brain into alignment with current reality – not childhood.

Inner healing from the spirit of abandonment can only get you up to zero.  It takes active growth to develop a huge belief and a reality of inclusive community.

I can get there.

Did all this really begin with a paddle in the water?   PTSD SLG Coaching blog

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Processing Disappointment #11

Yes, yes, I know.  We were done with this topic, but apparently God is not.

Yesterday I was on a vintage SLG call — four people, four nations.  Among other things, we were exploring the structures related to abandonment and how each redemptive gift’s structure has a little different shape.

At the end of the call, I was utterly exhausted.  I factored in jet lag and the cadence of the day, but it was clear that going into the call I was in pretty decent shape and something non-physical happened during the call which impacted me very negatively, even though the call was supposedly not about me!

So, I started with the hypothesis that I had an unresolved abandonment issue and it got triggered during the call.  Didn’t know where to look, at first, so I just scrolled through sundry things, waiting for a hit.

It came unexpectedly when I looked at my childhood religion:  Calvinism of the 1950s.  Back then, no Christian had any psychological problems of any sort.  Everything was spiritual or physical.  If it was physical, you saw a doctor.  If it was spiritual, you repented, confessed and everything was immediately OK.

I realized that in Calvinism, there was no journey for the soul.  There was only a decision, a choice and an immediate result.  And when you repented and confessed and things did not immediately change in your inner man – for example, my DID that no one knew I had – then it was clear evidence that I had not REALLY repented, and needed to do it deeper, in a more real way, and then I would be immediately, completely cleansed by God and restored and everything would be OK!

No journeys below zero.

That stream of the faith does believe in a journey of faith above zero.  We grow in maturity, develop character, become more Christlike and many other truisms.  But there were no journeys below zero.  If you had soul issues (which didn’t exist back then) and it took you a period of time to process your emotions, or to heal from a wound, then you were abandoned by the religious stream because you really should resolve it spiritually – quickly!

Just crucify the flesh already and get on with life!!!!

This reminded me a lot of our model for abandonment in the womb.  Mother and child are partners in the grand adventure of life, but if the labor becomes so intense that the mother withdraws from the emotional connection with the child for a bit, in order to deal with her own pain, the child can feel abandoned at the time of the greatest need.

Likewise, in that stream of the faith, at the point of highest need, when I had no clue how to process the maelstrom of emotions in me, I felt the spiritual leadership vigorously withdraw from me, because healing was a choice, not a journey in their worldview.

Two things came into focus very clearly last night.

I now understand why I don’t process my pain in community.  It seems so wrong for me, even though I see so many other people joyously leaning into community and finding immense solace and wisdom in their times of deep pain.  But for me, to even HAVE a journey was illegitimate!  It makes sooooo much sense, now.

AND I had the immense pleasure of seeing that in spite of all that mess, I failed forward.  I could have grown up and become one of them, militantly against journeys.  In reality, because of the crazy making nature of my childhood (DID and being expected to resolve every emotional crisis with confession!!!!) I have become a champion of people’s right to have a journey.

I don’t always approve of the way they walk their journey.  I can’t always walk with them on their journey.  And I certainly have a LOT of people where I can’t help them AT ALL on their journey.  But at the end of the day, I champion each person’s right to wrestle with their relationship with God, themselves and their fellow man, and not fit into a sausage factory.

Those two Ah Ha moments captivated me for a while.

Then I had a deep sinking feeling as I looked at the bigger picture.  Today journeys are more or less legitimate.  People are allowed to have souls nowadays, and our emotions are considered valid once more, and the idea of a journey is widely – though not universally – accepted. HOWEVER, a lot of spiritual leaders have defined the journey in their own way.

So you go to them for help and the answer is their own particular algebraic formula for healing in three easy steps.  You go to the specific classes or ministry sessions or seminars and at the end of the time, you are not “fixed.”  So often the leader then rejects or abandons you and it becomes clear that you SHOULD have been fixed by that process because a lot of other people were, therefore it is obvious that you did not really lean into the process the way you should have.

And this definition of someone else’s journey and abandonment when you don’t find full and complete healing through their process has become rampant in the Body of Christ.

Deep sigh – or groan.

I have no idea where to go with this next.

I am more at peace with my processing in private, not in public.  I understand where it came from, and even though I don’t agree with the ideology behind the cause, I think after 60 years of processing the way I process, it is not necessary for me to become the most prolific public processor.

And I am stoked that God leveraged my pain into my becoming someone who champions people’s right to have a journey that is unique.

Obviously there are still issues related to abandonment which I will chew on IN PRIVATE and theoretically get back to you all with some tools that may, or may not, be applicable to your own UNIQUE journey.

Oh, and please note that our October practicum on abandonment is going to ROCK.

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Written at 3:00 a.m. local time since my body is still holding on grimly to California time.


Processing Disappointment #10

I decided to zoom out from the specifics of the high school situation and look at the pattern of the four known Exhorter episodes in the 15.5 year cycle to see if I could find some salient data.

I have opted to not detail the other three situations, but in each case, I found that the giving and receiving that is core to community was trashed.  Each time it was a different way.  It was only the first time I could not receive.  In the others, there was community for a period of time, then serious slippage took place through unique circumstances, but each time related to the dynamics of exchange in community.

At times what I had wasn’t wanted.  At times what was wanted I did not have or could not ethically give.  The enemy was quite creative in producing misalignment in those windows.

The evidence is overwhelming that my intercessor was right and there is a 15.5 year cycle.  Now we have language for it.  Community gets trashed in one way or another because exchange does not happen the way it should.

Now, there is another piece running in the background.

Of the seven portions of my spirit, the Teacher and the Exhorter were the most damaged.  It is quite clear that the damage to the Exhorter portion of my spirit took place on the Exhorter island of Cotijuba, in Brazil, when I was between seven and nine years old.  I have spent a LOT of time over the years working through the healing journey from that season.

God has invested massively in restoring my Exhorter portion.  I find immense joy in the Exhorter color of the majesty of God which seasons the Prophet’s insights into the structures of Design.

BUT at the time of the first episode, my Exhorter portion was in shambles.

So the enemy leveraged my DID, and my damaged Exhorter portion, and the cultural stuff to cause a wrong response to the dynamics of the school during the first time the cycle came around.  That defiled it for the rest of the cycles.  Up until now.

After all this digging, it turns out to be a pretty familiar, ordinary curse on a cycle of time.

So what to do?

First, call it what it is.  I will be spending some time this evening going over each of the four events, sharing with God my perspective of where the giving and receiving broke down.

Second, I will own my junk and reject inappropriate guilt that others and I have put on myself over the years for those situations.

Third, I will feel the pain one more time.  I know I feel really raw about the first episode.  Not my fault I was DID.  Not my fault I was socially inept in addition to my DID.  But the enemy didn’t care.  Whether my choices came from woundedness or conscious rebellion, it was enough for him to activate a curse on my cycle of time, and hurt me three more times downstream.   I hate him.

Fourth, I will ask God to cleanse the structures on time and to remove any unholy structures that have been built in me.

Fifth, I will mark my calendar for when I am 77 and a half years old and will anticipate holy payback in that cycle for what got ripped off before.

Now, there is a teaser here.

When I did the AHS 3 Practicum in Anaheim, there was a spirit/soul connection between me and the group gathered there that we have never had before.  It was remarkable and healthy and addictive.  We achieved that again with the first of the live streaming videos from the office.  The time with Holy Communion especially was intense that first day.

I have done a whole lot of work already on each of those four situations, without knowing they are connected.  Obviously I am in a season now where I should be able to have an exchange of life with community that is significantly above par.  Even though I have not done the cleanup work listed above, I think God was honoring the season and giving me a taste of what community could be like in SLG.

The pre-event party in Denver was also highly uncharacteristic of SLG.  The ease with which everyone connected was remarkable and delightful.

Our highly cranky, stonewalling landlord has appointed a new manager for our complex who is a delightful gift of Service lady and she is doing community with me like we have never had.  I actually had a discussion with Megan the other day asking whether she was real or an angel sent to bless us.

So, I think without the cleanup, God is already allowing some of the life of the season bleed through.  With the cleanup done, we could have a dramatic new flavor to SLG.  In celebration (by faith) I have embarked on a daring venture with the Exhorter gift on Facebook.  I would love to draw 100 people who could commit to this short-term strike force.

And I am REALLY looking forward to Saturday night when we have our third live stream and I share lots of new, fun stuff.  I hope God grants us a deep connection where the life of God flows to us and through us to each other.

Then I leave to Austria on Sunday, where I will be ministering to a female Exhorter city, Innsbruck, and a male Exhorter city, Vienna.  The later is already sold out, two weeks in advance of the event!

So here is to high expectations of change in the company.

And this is the end of my processing in public about this event.  Onward to new things.

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Processing Disappointment #9

As I pondered the whole Exhorter dynamic during my long drive to and from the family reunion, what bubbled up was the issue of legitimacy.

While trafficking in legitimacy is a game the whole human race does relentlessly, the Exhorter tribe tends to do so a bit more often, with more damaging results.

I ponder the legitimacy structures in the Christian high school I attended.  I have no basis for comparison to other high schools, but it seems to me that they were not toxic.  The boys’ legitimacy on Monday morning was loosely correlated to how cute the girl was that they dated over the weekend.  (I wasn’t allowed to date).  Cars conferred a lot of legitimacy with Mustangs being top of the line and anything with a glass pack in the exhaust system being a cut above.  (I rode the bus to school).  Quarterbacks were more legitimate than defensive linemen.  (I didn’t play sports).  An A in trig was more legitimate than an A in English lit.  (I couldn’t even muster an A in detention).  And singers in the A Cappella choir were more legitimate than even the principal.  (I was asked to stop singing in the shower).

All told, pretty ordinary stuff.  There were cliques and clubs, the ins and the outs, the beautiful people and the riff raff, the rich and the not so rich (no po’ folk in the private tuition Christian school).  But nothing that I would deem as toxic in retrospect.

I circled around that for hours.  I clearly had zero chances of being legitimate with any of the currencies in use. What did it feel like to be utterly doomed to be non-legitimate for the entire year?  It was a bit tough to pull up memories of feelings from 46 years ago, but I gave it a good whirl.

What emerged were the seven kids who offered me the gift of friendship.

Chris, Howie, Sylvia, Pat, Roxanna, Debi, and Arthur.

Four guys, three gals.

Three big shots on campus.  Two nobodies.  Two middle of the pack, ordinary people.

One of the top athletes and a top singer.  A legendary procrastinator on homework.  A political activist.  Two laid back, disengaged, non-aligned kids.  The son of a doctor in Newport Beach.  The son of a missionary to Native Americans.  The daughter of divorce.  The daughter of a family with deep heritage.

I don’t remember a single one of them offering me legitimacy through association.  In retrospect, all of the invitations appear to be simple, sincere and long standing.  They offered friendship.  That is all.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  No dues to pay.  No privileges to gain.  They just liked me and offered friendship.

And what is stunningly clear in retrospect is that I did not accept their friendship.  Each one had a different flavor of relationship to offer, and in each case, I accepted ten to fifteen percent of what was offered.

The disconnect was stupendous.

I had no place to put what was offered.  It was as if you walked up to me with two watermelons and you were all excited.  You explained to me that these were organic and made THE BEST windshield wipers.  You gave me one.

So what do I do now?

I don’t own a car.  I have never heard of using a watermelon as a windshield wiper.  Do I accept it excitedly and stash it in my locker?  Do I stick it in the trash and hope you don’t notice?  What if you ask me the next day?  Do I take it home and offer it to Dad?  What if he doesn’t know how to use a watermelon as a windshield wiper?  What if he laughs at me in front of the whole family?  What if this is one big practical joke and a lot of other kids are watching you prank me?  What if this is a really valuable treasure and Dad would be furious at me for passing up an ORGANIC watermelon windshield wiper?

The pictures floating by on the screen are sickening.  Sundry sincere offers.  And I dance, and dodge, and duck, and run, and hide.

I couldn’t do friendship in my senior year in high school.

What’s up with that?

I looked at the years before that in Brazil.  We lived in a small town from my age 10 to 15.  I had a lot of friends.  While there was the inevitable White privilege, I was most certainly lacking in all of the things that constituted legitimacy in the local kids’ culture.  I could not hunt, trap, fish, paddle a canoe, throw a stone, use a sling shot, wield a machete, identify a snake, find a blue tarantula’s nest, make a kite, shoot marbles or run as fast as the other kids.

But, I had a lot of friends.

In retrospect, it seemed pretty normal.  We played, we fought, we made up, we changed friends, we competed, we broke bones and promises, and generally acted like kids.  I don’t remember anything particularly noble about my friendships and several things not so noble, but I was clearly liked by some kids in the neighborhood, and I welcomed their friendship and reciprocated, even though I would never be their equal in anything that involved skill or social status.

So what happened between Brazil and California?

I listed possible culprits.

-Social ineptness.

No doubt.

When I was a senior in high school, Roman Gabriel was the star quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams football team.  Monday morning chatter from the guys included awe-struck references to his strong arm.  I wondered how someone with only a quarter of a back could have a strong arm.  I had heard a lot about shepherds in the Bible, but didn’t really understand why you would have a flock of only rams, no ewes.  And I was baffled by Gabriel being a Roman.  Was this some pagan idol the Roman’s created worshipping the Jews’ archangel?  Didn’t make sense.

Welcome to the world of missionary kids home on furlough.

So yes.  Social ineptness.

Lacking a lot of currencies.


He distrusted America at every level and couldn’t wait to get his kids back to Brazil where they would be less likely to be corrupted by the depraved, Beatles-ridden California culture.  I was not allowed to participate in any after school activities, or visit the homes of any friend from school.

So did I absorb some of his extreme caution and fear of contamination?  Quite possibly.


Back in 1970 I had no idea about them.  Were there one or more Brazilian AHS who were hugely anti-social in California?

Theoretically possible.


Hmm . . .  The season of molestation that produced the DID was well before this school year.  Of course we had no idea that DID existed, much less that I was divided, but as I look back, I can certainly see a fair amount of switching going on in different sectors of the school day – like having to undress and shower, fully exposed, with a group of guys after PE.

The more I circled around that one, the more probable it seemed.  There were dozens of reasons why one or more parts would have been broadly distrustful of any offer of friendship.

Hmm . . . back in the day, the perp drew me with offers of friendship, which then morphed . . .

A bit of projection going on?  Ya think?!!!!

Quite depressing.  I am going to park this here for a day and do some less public processing.

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Processing Disappointment #8

Emotionally grieving “life with the wrong currency” will be a long process.  As I shared with the Algonquin process, in addition to the dedicated time spent in deliberately looking at the story line, life casually bumps the bruise randomly.  I drove back to the office this afternoon after a short errand and was reminded of how much I have poured into relationships in the complex where we are, only to be roundly spurned.  Whatever the currency is that works there, I don’t seem to have any of it in my wallet.

Sadness.  Anger.  Frustration.  No denial at all.  Powerlessness.  Sadness.  Stay there for a while and actually feel it.

I am a long way from processing the emotions of a life time of “wrong currency” but Prophet was getting restless, wanting to be unleashed to go hunting for the culprit.  Our mantra is, “Every effect has a cause.”  Someone, somewhere, did something, and it has resulted in THIS.

Being a new effect to me, I had no clue where to look for the cause – and no assurance I would recognize it if I looked straight at it.

I started with the generational question, as usual.

Looked at Mom first.

OUCH!  On a scale of one to ten, Mom was and is a 9.7 in terms of having the right currency at the right time for a wide variety of situations.  Astounding.  So this sure wasn’t any of her junk!!!

Dad didn’t score so high.  I gave him an eight, but noted that he carefully controlled his playing field.  He was like the kids who will never play a game unless they were sure they could win.  Dad edited his environment to be sure his currency worked.  I made a mental note to look at whether I have made a series of really bad choices over time, but it didn’t feel compelling.

Still, you note the possible culprits, because if you run out of good ideas, you circle back around and revisit the lame ones!

But for now, I exonerated my family line and assumed it was my stuff.

So I explored my childhood bit by bit.  To my surprise, there were some really good patches of my currency matching the circumstances.  There were other patches where things were pretty baseline.  Nothing positive or negative in terms of social currencies.  But with the exception of that one school year, nothing was significantly negative.

It would be easy to write off the school year (as I had for years) as just a culturally expected dynamic.  A missionary kid who has been home schooled and isolated from US culture is dropped into the senior class two years younger than his peers.  Of course there would be a lot of disconnects.  Utterly non-surprising.

That is how I have viewed that year all this time.  Highly painful.  Not a mystery.

Life throws you a curve ball now and then.

So I moved on down the timeline, looking for where this pesky thing came in and stayed.

Eventually, I found a smoking gun.

In my early adult years, I made a decision that was socially unpopular.  Lots of people tried to talk me out of it before I did it.  I stubbornly insisted I could pull it off, even though I admitted it was, on the surface, a long shot.  They were very clear I did not have the moxie (i.e. needed currencies) to pull it off.  I admitted it looked that way, but assured them I could grow into it if they would give me the chance.

In the end, I made my choice, bucked the world, engaged in an immense endeavor and was hugely proved wrong.  I didn’t have what it took.  I fell short with miserable consequences for a long time to come.

The boo birds piled on with their “I told you so” commentary.  To this day, there are still people around who remember that episode and still frame me today as the person I was then, and clearly articulate the message that my judgment cannot be trusted on much of anything, as proven by that debacle.

So . . . A smoking gun.  Is it THE smoking gun?  That incident didn’t happen on any of the 15.5 multiples.  Just randomly in between the first and the second.  Could that have triggered the subsequent issues, or am I looking at it all wrong?

Furthermore, how could those judgments made against me have stuck like a tar baby for so long?  I certainly have gone back and revisited that event many times, with and without professional help.  One would not think the boo birds should have been able to define the rest of my life.

Nonetheless, the correlation on my timeline was hugely obvious.  From that time on, my currencies always seemed to be a little or a lot off.

It didn’t seem like a compelling conclusion, but certainly one that needed to be revisited again.  Surely there is a way to get the tar off from a decades-old decision.

There was another thread to follow and that was the Exhorter gift.  The school was an Exhorter school, I think.  I know the church and the ministry were Exhorter gift.  I don’t think Algonquin as a whole is Exhorter, but it is certainly possible that the lake and portage that took me down might have been.

Seems as though there is something there.  I don’t immediately see it.  I think I will take a day to scroll through the Exhorters in the Bible and the ones I know to see if there is a clue there.  Do any of them have a pattern of having the wrong currency, or is there something about the twisted Exhorter that causes those around them to not have the right currency?

Need to look at that long and hard.  Goodness knows, there is a lot of data.  I should be able to come up with an answer.

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From home

Processing Disappointment #7

I am back in the game after the weekend in Denver.

In the interest of moving the story line along, I am going to skip the section about integrating a painful situation back into your timeline. This truncated vacation was hardly a trauma big enough to fracture my timeline, plus you can get that info later when Megan’s book comes out.

Moving on, we get to what is really the core of the matter.

Burlington, Ontario seems to have an anointing for revelation.  Some of the team members had unusual visitations during the night watches both nights we were there, with high amount of new insights from God.  It was really cool.

One of the team said that God revealed that I had a curse on my time which cycled every fifteen and a half years. That means that this year, when I am 62 years old, I am at the fourth iteration of the cycle.  Their sense was that the Algonquin trip was going to have a huge role to play in breaking the old curse and releasing something huge for me.

It was with that superlative expectation that I left, with hope on top of joy.

Then things didn’t quite soar and I came home, circling around that.  I was hugely discouraging, feeling as though I had botched something critical and significantly re-empowered the curse.  My first step was to break it down and see if I could figure out the pattern.

15.5 was when I came to the States for my senior year of high school.  I was pretty good at building bird traps, navigating the sand bars at low tide, running the pump when the water tank was low, and quoting Scripture.  I didn’t know a doggone thing about the Beatles, yellow submarines, Puff the Magic Dragon, football, baseball, basketball, dating, necking, petting, weed, Mustangs, glass packs or laying scratch.  Oh, and I wasn’t very good at English, geometry, drafting, lunch time or PE.  I also had no clue how those girls produced bee hive hairdos.  Or why they would want to.

At 31 I was the 8th senior pastor in nine years at a particular church.  That was the year we had the church split.  Once again, I brought a lot to the table, but it was as irrelevant as bringing snow shoes to a church potluck in Florida.

At 46 and a half, I was involved with a parachurch ministry, and again what I had was devalued and there was unholy war between me and the leader because I would not give what he wanted because I felt he needed something else.

And now I am 62.

There are several layers here, but I realized that the peaks were accompanied by a huge number of other situations where my best was worthless because I had the wrong resource in the wrong place.

I started to circle around that, trying to figure out what happened.  Then I realized I really needed to feel it before I understood it.  So I spent about three days reliving a seemingly endless stream of experiences where my best was not only not good enough, my best was spectacularly irrelevant in every way, shape or form.

It turns out that THIS was a monstrous emotional waste dump that needed massive bandwidth to process.  So I grimly scrolled through every imaginable sector of my life finding the same old song and dance in every imaginable key of music.

It was staggering.

Copyright August 2016 by Arthur Burk

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What Happened?

Today illustrated the fragility of my connectedness with the tribe.

Almost every form of engagement went silent all at once.  All day.

Go figure.


Processing Disappointment #6


We had a technical difficulty with this blog post after it was initially posted, so it is temporarily unavailable.  Nothing more will be posted here until next week since I am immersing myself in final preparations for the Denver event.