The Awe Party

After the astounding visitations from God this week over the 16th and the 17th years of Sally’s life, she decided the parts needed to party.  The intent was to take the awe from God that had imprinted the land at the camp where they were gathered with “Samuel,” the male Original Self, and extend it to the untouched area on the south side of the river.

Plans were made by Sally and the parts during the week.  Sally cleaned house on Saturday.  The Mercy portion of her spirit planned a special dinner.  There were candles and fragrance and colors and clothes.

A couple of hours before the event, anxiety in the parts began to rise.  What if Jesus did not come to the party?

Sally pushed through.   She lit the candles and proceeded to celebrate the week with her meal.

Then attention turned inside.  There were a total of 25 parts ready and waiting.  And Jesus was not there. Anxiety was arm wrestling with despair for the lead role in her emotional palette when one of the parts screamed, “Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming!”

And indeed, He came.

He greeted each one of the parts individually with a caress or kiss and a word of personalized acknowledgement of their design.

Anxiety and despair were vaporized and the camp was redolent with dignity.

The dance troupe performed next.  As was appropriate for being on the south, male, side of the river, the dance was strong, intense and bold.

Jesus celebrated them when they were done.

Then He took the initiative and directed them to the 13 year mark of her river/time line.  Everyone followed Him down the south side of the river, where people rarely go.

This was hugely significant for Sally since she has known for a long time that she has a cycle of time, running every 13 years.  She has scrubbed those years with immense vigor multiple times, so she was very interested in seeing what would happen next.

Upon arrival, Jesus instructed the parts to scatter and each find a stone to build a monument.  As they regathered with their stones, they were instructed to bless the year with a specific blessing as they added their stone to the monument.

Then Jesus surprised her saying He was going to establish a fragrance portal for revelation there.  He said it was not part of her original time line, but He was going to establish it there for her now as His gift to her for going forward with confidence.

Then He summoned an angel.  It was massive and came with thunder and lightning wrapped around it.  It stood with its back to the river and moved its wings intensely and intentionally, gathering up water from the river and sprinkling drops on each of the parts.  Each of the drops of water was loaded with light and color.  This went on for quite a while as the parts received something through that process.

At the time, Sally felt it was perhaps equivalent to a baptism for the parts.

Then the angel exited and Jesus explained that at 13, the dark side had taken something out of her that was vital and had placed something evil in her to set the stage for damage done at age 14.

This was fascinating.  We knew 14 was a turning point year for evil which is why we had asked God to cleanse time there on the first day.  He did nothing and went to 16 instead.  Now we understand that He needed to dismantle this junk at the 13th year before He could do what needed to be done at the 14th.

Time seemed to stop for a bit and Sally felt some deep work inside her while Jesus removed and replaced the essential resources that had been tampered with.

Eventually that settled and then the parts formed up to march.  Jesus had earlier sent four drums to them, so they had two drummers in front and two behind as they marched away from the monument to the south, toward the portals for Death and Sheol.  This was the original idea behind the event – to take the awe from the 16th year group and use it to sanctify the land south of the river and east of the camp.

And NOW the whole group had a stunningly larger deposit of awe after receiving the baptism from the angel and watching Jesus restore the essential resources in Sally.

They marched with vigor while Jesus went with them, until there was a sense that it was far enough for this venture.

They returned to the camp and sat together savoring.

There were more things planned, but Samuel had the wisdom to know that if they did them, it would simply be programs not power, and that they had achieved the objective and needed to stand down now.

Jesus drew out of the parts that facet of the day that landed deeply for each one.  And He shared some of His thoughts over the process.

Then He left.

Sally is no stranger to integrations.  Some are low impact, some extremely intense.  But as she looks forward, it is difficult to imagine what the impact will be on the two Original Selves to have parts added to them that are so loaded with awe and wisdom.  The implications to Sally are stupendous.

AND there is the wonderment about going forward.  When will He integrate them?  Will He engage with year 14 now, or go on to 18?  What will be the flavor of those years?

She is acutely aware of entering into the third phase of her Christian life.

In the first phase there was awe over Jesus being willing to forgive her for her past.

In the second phase, there was and is awe over God being willing to give her a future that is bright in spite of her past.

But nothing in her wildest imaginations could prepare her for the concept that God would go back in time to restore and repair her time line.

The years 16 and 17 still have flavor and texture and substance to her.  Time after time, day after day, she goes back and savors those two years and the dynamic implications of awe and wisdom being woven together as a continuum.

She wonders what the other years might be like.

But pulsing in and through all the other thoughts that are colliding with each other like a pinball machine on Red Bull, is the point of highest awe:  JESUS CAME!

It was not always this way.

Copyright August 2017 by Arthur Burk

Alters and Land

I talked with “Sally” today about the way God healed her 16th year.  She was still in awe of the experience.  The year had been awful when she first lived it, and she had no idea that it was even possible to redeem such a mess.

The awe that was felt yesterday had grown overnight as the immensity of the experience settled more and more deeply in her.

In addition, the nine 16 year old parts in the safe place were all 100% cleansed, restored and ebullient about their place in life and about their God.  Quite an abrupt change from the hopeless, passive aggressive stance of the previous day.

I pondered the fact that the nine were not integrated and wondered if God left them there to sanctify the land with awe.  I proposed to the male Original Self who is in charge of that area, that he consider leveraging the awe.  I suggested he use his discernment to check the land and see how far out the awe in the land radiates, then plan an awe party once a week on the edge of the existing pool of awe, to expand it, week after week.

He and his team are over the top excited about the vision and their plans for a robust party of parts on Saturday are well underway.

After the survey of yesterday’s masterpiece, we turned our eyes to the rest of the teen years.  Before I could even ask God anything, the Holy Spirit interjected that it would not be anything like the 16 year old patch.

Fine with me.  We are, after all, SLG!

Our pursuit is of new flavors of the poly-variegated wisdom of God.  So I prepared to be very nimble and to follow the leading of the Lord.

I asked where He wanted to go, and He said, “17 years old.”

I spoke to the parts in that sector, introduced myself and said that God needed to do some work there, and therefore I needed to help relocate them.  I designated a staging area by the river and asked them to come.

One responded, said there were five.  It took a bit of negotiation, but eventually all came to the staging area.  The Holy Spirit said there were four more who were in caves and had not seen light or had fresh air for a long time.  New dynamic to me, but hey!  New colors of His wisdom, right?

I asked the Holy Spirit to open the caves, then negotiated with the parts.  One was particularly recalcitrant, preferring to die than try to change.  I appealed to her to give me one day.  Just come out, go to where the others are, sit silently on the periphery and watch for one day, then make her choice.  She was quite unwilling, but yielded in action, while obviously making a lot of inner vows about not believing a thing she would see.

I asked the male Original Self to come gather up the nine from the staging area and take them to his safe place.

Then, with huge expectancy, I asked the Trinity what they wanted to do with this time frame.

I heard over the phone as Sally gasped in surprise.  It took a while for her to be able to articulate what was happening, but God was cleansing the land, not time, and did it in a way so thorough, He even changed out a lot of the vegetation, so there would not be trees that had absorbed the toxicity of the land.

It was a process.  We waited and Sally occasionally commented on it.

The theme was abundant life, not awe.

When He was done, I asked Him one step at a time, to release that life to her spirit, soul, body, birthright and offices.  Then we asked Him to weave the two years of superbly healed time together, as they should be.

Sally was more than overwhelmed by the intensity of the redemption of that time.  She had no idea it could be so.

Later in the day, the OS brought some of the 17 year olds back to that patch so they could see the magnitude of the transformation that had taken place from the hand of God.  They had felt His work in them, when we released the LIFE of God into the soul, including those parts, but nothing could have prepared them for the visual impact of the transformation.

There was no sense of needing to talk about integration today, but the party on Saturday just doubled in size and increased in flavor as the LIFE of God was added to AWE of God.

There is a mixture of anticipation and reticence in going forward.  Eighteen was one ugly year.  The soul cringes at dealing with some very hostile parts in that sector.  The spirit is sure this will become a new revelation of the poly-variegated wisdom of God.

Copyright August 2017 by Arthur Burk

Dealing with an Angry Part

Below is my email and IM dialog with a part named Sybil.  She showed up unexpectedly in the midst of Sally’s healing journey as a “complex survivor of SRA.”   (What a ridiculous clinical term.  I have never met any boringly simple survivors!)

She wrote me email #1 out of the blue, with no preamble.  We were not looking for her.

Some aspects of her story are unique to Sybil.  Other facets of the progression demonstrate principles that are transferable to others.  I am posting this with her permission and Sally’s so you can see a bit of how I deal with a hostile part.

For me, honoring their free will is always top priority.  Second, extending dignity.

* * *

1)            Dear Arthur Burk:

There is no anger in the person or any of the tangents.  None.  I want to establish, however, that I am angry. Very, very angry.  And that will never change.


2)            Good evening, Sybil.  Thanks for sharing where you are.  I appreciate your complete lack of ambiguity about where you stand.  I am unclear however, about the overall picture.  You say there is no anger in the person yet you are angry.  Are you standing outside the person, or were you saying that all of the anger in the person is concentrated in you?  Sorry for not understanding, but I need a little help here.


3)            Please, no explanation.  I just felt like saying something, for once.

I suppose, in a sense, I am outside the person.  Did not mean to interject myself into the processes you all are working on.  I have no bearing, for now.  I do not want to add rabbit trails.  Not worth energy.

Perhaps another time,


4)            Fair enough.  You have been heard and have permission to speak again, when you wish.  Meanwhile I will not intrude in your world at present.


5)            I expected no redemptive life change in this person.  Won’t happen.  Been watching for a long time.  Sally, as usual, is despondent.  You know how despairing people think.  Downward.  Destructively.  Still don’t know what has possessed me to write to you.  You’re present, you accept emails, even mine.  I’ve never known anyone.  That cannot change.

I remain totally angry.


6)            I expected no redemptive life change in this person.  Won’t happen.  Been watching for a long time.

You do, of course, have vastly more data about her than I do, so your expectations certainly are based on past reality, and carry some weight.

Sally, as usual, is despondent.  You know how despairing people think.  Downward.  Destructively.

Very true.  It is a constant challenge.  One can do many things to change outward circumstances, but it is the inner thinking patterns that ultimately will define most of a person’s choices.  I completely agree with you.

Still don’t know what has possessed me to write to you.    You’re present, you accept emails, even mine.

Sybil, I respect anger.  It is a sign of strength and values.  I watch a lot of people who have the personality of egg white endure all manner of junk and simply sigh.  They are small people without even the capacity to be offended for themselves.

You are, admittedly, not even remotely on my team.  We don’t share the same values or vision.  Nonetheless, I am a big enough man to recognize a kindred spirit in terms of your design, and I respectfully tip my hat to you.  I wish we were on the same team, but for now, I simply acknowledge who you are.  Egg white is not particularly compelling for me.  You, on the other hand, are beyond compelling.



I’ve never known anyone.  That cannot change.

I remain totally angry.


7)            Thank you for your reply.  You are correct, I am not on your team.  I cannot be on any team, because I do not exist.

Still, it is gratifying to exchange words.


8)            Dear Sybil,

“Exist” is an interesting term.  We are all comfortable with the fact that this person’s puppies exist, especially in the morning when they are well rested.

But what about an idea?  Does “speed” exist by itself?  A car can be speedy, but is speed itself, as an idea, something that exists apart from the car?

My reason for saying that, is my experience with the Brown Line and the Grey Line.

My current model, subject to refinement every ten minutes as necessary, has a Blue Line where the life of God is.  I think the building power of a person is broken up and placed on the Brown Line.  There, they are either paralyzed through suffering, or co-opted into serving the Underground.

And the intellect is extracted, fragmented, and placed on the Grey Line.  I am guessing this is where you are.  In one sense, you are very right.  You don’t exist in the sense of mass or substance.  But if we take a looser usage of the word “exist” I think you exist as intellect, able to process ideas and concepts.  Your anger sets you apart from the builders and the pain parts.  You have an innate sense of the horrific wrongness of this whole journey, so from your essence as intellect, you emote a legitimate fury at whatever, wherever.

So if a person has the best of their building resources stashed out of reach on the Brown Line and the best of their intellectual prowess fragmented and stashed on the Grey Line, the pain parts that are left in the vicinity of the Blue Line will not be overly powerful at changing life.

My thoughts at present.  You of course have a position inside this person that allows you a different view than mine.  I would welcome your critique of the current iteration of my model.


9)            Arthur’s model and words have been added to Sybil’s.

Now I have some complicated thinking and ponderings, and I wish we were in the same place.  I am not inside the person, or on the blue, brown, or grey line.

Have never actually been alive, in my opinion.


10)         Very helpful insight.  We will be in the same place sometime again and will explore your model at that time.  Thanks for clarifying where things are.


11)         (From Sally’s High Competence Part)

Who/what is Sybil????

12)         To High Competence

Not sure.  We will stay in dialog with her if she wants and eventually there will be some clarity.

For now, I am certainly not going to pursue her.  She can determine the cadence that works for her, and I will synchronize to her by responding whenever she would like to explore, and giving her space when she wants to contemplate.


13)         I think Arthur, sum total of him, might have influence on/in my world.

Explanation of sum total: thoughts, voice, words, writing, understanding, ability to hear pause process, check again, rethink, keen curiosity, tolerance, patience, Bible knowing, God trusting, courage, unrigid

Some may not apply

Previously I had a small point of view.

Now, perhaps there are other explanations, other structures.

My truth thus far has imprisoned me in an infinitesimal space.


14)         Dear Sybil,

There is an interesting paradigm you may wish to consider.  “The truth that we know is the biggest barrier to finding the truth that we need.”

For example, I was working with a man recently who had a really bad experience in kindergarten.  From there on, he had a lot of difficulties in life.  And the truth that he knew – kindergarten trauma – blocked him from looking for other truths.  In reality, the root issue was in his grandfather’s life, but because he knew one truth so well – trauma in his life – he didn’t look for truth in other places.

I am certainly NOT arguing with the truths that you know.  I have not been where you are or seen the things that you see, so I have no reason to feel that anything you see and know is wrong.  I am simply floating additional ideas for you to consider, weigh, adopt or discard as appropriate.

Be at peace and take your time as you ponder.  There is no scorecard to this discussion, no punishment, and no deadline.  We can just ping back and forth calmly, as you see fit.


15)         Dear Sybil,

I thought we might have time this evening to at least greet, but there was too little time and too many things on the agenda.  In the next couple of months I will be in California a lot.  I wonder if this person will come down to Anaheim again, so we can talk face to face.

Allow me to simply summarize my view of you.  In order to have anger, you must have two things:  a sense of justice and a sense of purpose.

So many of the facets of this person’s humanity have invested all of their available energy in just surviving.  They did not have the luxury of a sense of justice.  They just had to roll with whatever garbage came down the pike and figure out how to get up again.  And certainly, surviving the pain of the day does not qualify as a sense of purpose.

But people are created with some sort of innate sense of justice and sense of purpose.  Apparently a significant amount of that was concentrated in you, when they reduced the rest of the person to survival.  In my mind, you carry an amazing treasure.  Your white hot anger is a mark of personhood.  Your ability to feel outrage over the things in the womb is a mark of good health.

I celebrate your anger.  May your vitality not fade.


16)         The person is leaving for something. I can write back to you, later. Your writing is very large.


17)         Your writing is very large.

Thank you.  That is a fine compliment.

Allow me to add one layer to the story.  From early childhood to my mid-forties, I was as angry as you.  Admittedly I had far less reason to be angry, but my volcano produced very high quality lava.

I was pretty routinely judged and condemned as a bad person for my anger.  And I certainly did leave a trail of wounded people behind me, unlike you, who seem to contain your anger much better than I did.

But as I began to find my identity and to discover how much God valued my sense of justice and my passion to be productive in life (and my anger at those who cursed my productivity), my life began to turn around dramatically.

That is why I am so utterly non-offended by your anger.  In my worldview, it is fuel for a good life, not something to be healed from.  I still love your first statement to me – something about you would always be angry.

Well, I certainly hope so!!!

Cheering you on.


* * *


The infusion of truth about the beauty of her anger was too much for the dark side.  She was kidnapped and rendered incommunicado for a day or two.  Jesus rescued her and she had no memory at all of our conversation since they had edited it out of her consciousness, but she was OK being in time and space and existing.

She very quickly became a vital spokesperson for the whole system with a big perspective on what was going on in the Safe Valley and she has continued to be on our team in a big way as Sally progresses.

I sent this to her a while after her rescue and we had a good time smiling over the progression.

Sally desires to wreak as much havoc in the kingdom of darkness as possible, so often gives me permission to share snippets of her story with the world at large or individual people.

Hence this excerpt from her journey.  TFF1 SLG Coaching blog


Copyright December 2016 by Arthur Burk


Parts and Emotions

When working with someone who is DID, parts with negative emotions get the most attention in ministry and in the discussions among practitioners. This is understandable, because when a hurting part is up front, they will destabilize the whole person.

This blog is dedicated to the other extreme.  There are parts who can’t feel certain emotions.  When I think I am dealing with a part that is older than three, I will gently test for capacity to feel positive emotions.  Rarely can a part express any desire to go to a positive place.  They can usually agree that it would be good to get out of where they are, since it is cold and dark and lonely, but they don’t have a world view for anything better.

With deeply hurting little ones, the objective is simply pain relief and integration.  We discuss this in detail in the Tools for Freedom album noted at the bottom of the blog.  But for the older ones, I try to give them some dignity before integration, and dignity is an emotion.

Here are two scenarios from recently.  One of my survivors got slammed by a really nasty critter.  We circled around it and found out that there was a part whose job was to open the “door” whenever a particular “knock” was given.

Once we figured that out, I told the demon that Sally trumped the “permission” it gained and I sent it packing.  Then we had to engage the part.  I started by complimenting the part for being dependable and diligent.  I pointed out that it had received those orders many years ago and had remembered the code and been on standby for a long, long time.  I commented on how much I like dependable people and people who don’t need reminders of what their job is.

In short, I celebrated everything I could about that part’s essence even though I was furious over the results of the “good job” it did.

Once I gave dignity and tried to build a safe place for the conversation, I explained that there had been a changing of the guard.  The human being who gave it instructions on doing this task was no longer in charge of Sally and I was.  So I had the right to create new jobs.  The part was surprised but obedient – obedience was deeply ingrained into the part.

So in a situation like that, I have the option of exploring rapid integration so it could have a rest and didn’t have to do hard jobs any more, or assigning a new temporary job until integration was acceptable.  But however the story line ends up, I want to stay away from a “naughty part” narrative and expose the part to an emotion it had never faced before – dignity.  I know the part had no place on the shelf for that emotion.  I put it out there anyway and let it just hang in the air for consideration after I left the part.

A second situation recently was a part that blocked pain.  Sally went through a tough patch years ago where everything hurt.  This part was not under the control of the perp.  It was formed for self-preservation.  When the pain was about to become overwhelming, it was able to step into the “driver’s seat” and cause Sally to go completely numb, not feeling anything in body or soul.

Again, I complimented the part on playing an important role in survival.  I explored the fact that it had some exceptional skills for dealing with the biology of the body.  To be able to completely block massive biological pain is quite a significant skill set.  I praised the part for being such a specialist.

Then I pointed out that Sally has been on a great growth curve for years and has not had that severe pain for a long, long time, therefore, all of the skill this part has is more or less wasted.  It agreed.

I asked if it could consider a new task.  In theory it could.

After a few days of negotiation, I set the part to work healing a portion of Sally’s biology that is still subpar.  Obviously I want to move toward integration, but the part is older and is not overly receptive to the idea quite yet.  It will probably be a week of watching other parts being integrated before it asks about it.

Meanwhile, it did an amazing job.  Within 24 hours of taking on the task of expediting healing instead of blocking pain, there was noticeable change in that portion of Sally’s body.  I celebrated that for the part.  The part was so trained to shut off emotions that it was not able to enjoy success.  That software just did not exist.  So I modeled pleasure for the part, and honored it for a job well done.

Ultimately, the part is not going to feel high emotions in the positive sense until it is integrated.  That is still the major objective.  However, along the way, I am investing in modeling emotions for parts that are on their way to integration.

Parts were created and established in a very negative environment.  I am fiercely intentional about creating a positive emotional environment that affirms their essence while moving them toward the long term solution which is integration.

Copyright February 2016 by Arthur Burk

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Demon, Part or AHS?

Jenny came to me with a “will of God” question.  She had sought God about taking some training and enrolled, then ended up in a strong push/pull.  She wanted to learn the material, but was doing very poorly and could hardly bring herself to go.

She wanted my advice on how to determine if it was God’s will that she quit.

Knowing the story, I was pretty sure she was supposed to finish, but I don’t like White Knuckle Christianity.  When she signed up, she was so sure it was part of her design, and so was I.

As I listened to her story, the push/pull stood out.  There was internal conflict.  So that means there was shame, fear, curse, demon, part or an alien human spirit.

Scrolling through the options, I felt I should try for an AHS.  With all my discernment tools, I could not reason confidently to one particular problem, so whatever I tried would be a guess at best.

Turned out to be a good guess.  I said, “I would like to speak to the AHS that does not like Jenny going to class.”

It immediately responded.  I asked politely why it objected to her taking the class, and it said she was no good, would never be any good in that subject and that there was no benefit or future in it for her.

The language and logic used by the AHS indicated that this was an older spirit, not a young, one dimensional child.  I carried on a small amount of conversation, querying what the AHS thought she would be good at.  It had no particular idea.

So I explored arranging for it to return to eternity, and it agreed and left.

Jenny didn’t want to hurt my feelings, but as glad as she was to get it gone, she still had no desire to go back to class, so she sadly told me.

I opted for demon next and spoke directly to the demon commanding it to respond to me.  They don’t always respond immediately, but the client can usually feel fear or defiance inside in the middle of the silence.  She listened closely inside and felt absolutely nothing.

It was possible that this was just a very determined, clever demon, but then Jenny shared that it had been difficult to go to the training for some time, but after the last time when the instructor had scolded her, it was just utterly impossible to think of it.

That was my clue that it was a part.  I said, “May I speak to the little one who was so offended by the scolding Jenny got last week?”

There was an immediate response of a five year old who was scared that I was going to scold and be harsh.  I reassured the part, got it to Original Self and in a few moments, integrated it.

Since most people have discernment they don’t pay attention to, I also asked Jenny if there were any areas of the building that she did not like.  She was swift to identify them, so I encouraged her to cleanse the land or clear out the demons, so that she was not pushing against that too.

I don’t know if she will finish the training or not, but it will be more within her reach now.

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The Impact of Integration

Visually and functionally, parts in a dissociative person come in all sizes.

Some are so small we simply call them a splinter.  They have no capacity for understanding anything of life except that it is painful.  There is no possibility of dialog with them.

Then we have the under one year olds who have a more refined capacity to fear unfamiliar intrusions in their world but don’t have the vocabulary to discuss things, although they have some ability to comprehend when I speak to them about gentleness and safety.

From there, you have parts of increasing age, of both genders, with or without distinctives.  So the mass of parts will be generic.  They crave safety, can understand explanations, but don’t know much or do anything specific, nor do they have specific desires.

Sprinkled in amongst them are parts with definition.  They hold a particular pain or anger or are trained for a task or, occasionally, they have a desire they can articulate to climb a tree, swim, kick a ball or have a doll.

All parts have to be integrated, and when we do the results vary.  With the splinter parts, the Original Self rarely feels anything specific.  With the very young ones, it is also mostly a non-event in terms of Original Self feeling changed.  We just know they belong in her, so we ask God to reassemble the picture puzzle.

However, along the path of discipline lie remarkable surprises.

One person I worked with a few years ago had a part that hated shopping.  The woman would go into a store and in about three minutes she would switch and have extreme urgency to get out of the store.  This is a fairly common dynamic and there are probable reasons for it.

She tried every possible dynamic to resolve it:  different stores, talking to her inside world ahead of time, going with a friend, etc.  Nothing worked.  She was reduced to the very frustrating work-around of having only four minutes to shop.  She chose one store she knew moderately well, reduced her diet to two or three things.  She would race into the store, get three things, head to the checkout, and hope that she could get back out of the store before bad stuff happened.

Her therapist worked with her extensively trying to find the part but never could.

Somewhere along the way, that problem completely vanished.

As we routinely integrated one part after another, we eventually integrated that part without having a clue it was carrying such a huge piece of vulnerability.

On the flip side, there are integrations that make an immediate impact.

Some are amusing and unexpected.  One lady was pretty basic when it came to her relationship with her kitchen.  Her only point of excellence was her cup of coffee each morning.  One day we unknowingly integrated a part that likes to cook.  She immediately began trying challenging recipes and hardly a week goes by without some new adventure or debacle in the kitchen.

The one we long for more than any other is the initiative piece for Original Self.  With SRA, Original Self is most commonly found in outer darkness.  When he or she is retrieved, there is not much there but a flicker of life.  We do sundry things to refresh and energize Original Self before we begin integrations, but almost invariably Original Self is simply an obedient, passive player in the game, doing what she is told and letting us act on him or her.

I was working with one like that who had only one preference in life and that was for motion.  But she moved in a limited range, not ever thinking about exploring or discovering or enjoying.

We were in the process of integrating a group of parts that had some relational connects with each other.  By now, integrations were pretty generic.  Original Self and the leader of her spirit would confer, determine which part was next, spend some time talking to the part about the coming transition and then have all the players on location on the days when we were going to talk.  I would do the last 1% because the spirit was now doing the heavy lifting with all the prep.

When I asked Father to come do the integration, we got a demonic eruption instead, and everything was quite messy for about ten minutes.  I managed to restore order after a while.  We followed through with the integration, but I was left wondering, “What was THAT about?”

The next time I talked to Original Self, she was far from her usual base camp, was leading two friends in plans for the future and in having FUN!  She was unashamedly in charge and loving it – acting like she had been a leader for all her life.

I smiled.  The part we integrated the previous time was her initiative part and a whole lot more.  For us, it was just another nameless part.  But the devil knew that this one was carrying a super wonderful treasure, so it pitched a fit.

So that is the nature of integrations.  Most are so calm and quiet as to be almost boring, and there is no noticeable effect on the host.  But every so often there is a high impact one.  So we do them all and always wonder what is being put back in place.

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Motivation for Integration

Most parts are less than enthusiastic about integration.  The two questions I hear over and over again are, “Will it hurt?” and “Will you stay?”

For a part that has been alone in a dark, cold place for a long time, loaded with fear and abandonment, the short time they have had in relationship with me while I have brought them to Original Self is some of the best time of their life.  So the idea of experiencing a change causes them to assume it means pain, plus they are loathe to lose the sliver of a relationship they have with me.

I explain that it will be a very gentle transition and that I come to see Original Self frequently, but am not there all the time.  That somewhat reassures them, but I have never had a part enthusiastic about a process they can’t envision.

On the other side of the coin, Original Self is usually less enthusiastic about it, but doesn’t have any particular reason to push back.  They simply lack the software to envision wholeness.

I understand these dynamics and work gently through the process, using the currency of my relationship with them to get them to agree to the unknown.  However, once in a while I get some free money.

There was an Original Self I was working with recently that had already gone through a handful of integrations.  By now it was a fairly low emotion event which she tolerated since it was important to me.  We had a protocol with a predictable cadence and it worked well.  There were a number of parts on standby for whenever we had time to work.

In the midst of this journey, Original Self was far too passive overall.  I sent the Teacher portion of her spirit to Original Self to try to do some fathering between sessions through discovering what it was that she liked.  In the midst of Teacher’s bevy of possibilities which were presented to Original Self, they discovered that Original Self could not smell.

There was certainly a nose there, but no capacity to distinguish this flower from that one.

This became a simple platform for me to explain integration in a different way to Original Self.  One of the parts out there carries HER capacity to smell.  Get that part back in place and her nose would work well.

I pointed out that she never missed the sense of smell because it had been gone so long and she had lived in a very small world for so long.  But in the midst of real life, her lack of a particular resource became evident.  In the same way, all of the parts that originally came from her carry some part of her functionality that will enrich her.

I admit that she has not missed most of what she is missing.  However everything that was taken from her, she needs.

It was a new view to her and has certainly changed the tone and flavor of the integrations.

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Dignity for Parts

A core component of SRA is to strip people and their parts of anything resembling dignity.  Therefore, when I am working with parts, I am much more interested in restoring dignity than I am in processing pain.  First things first.

With the very small and very young parts, they do not have a big enough worldview to receive dignity.  These are the little ones who wouldn’t know a Porsche from a PBJ.  They are only looking for comfort and safety.

However, most of the time, there are a bunch of parts who are a little older and have a task to do.  If they are old enough to have any defining characteristic such as being angry or liking to cook, they are old enough to comprehend design and essence and to receive dignity.

Recently I oversaw an integration with a part that knew it liked to sing.  Below is an audio clip that generally approximated what I told him before the integration as a means of giving dignity.  Each identity requires a customized dignity gift, but this is a sample of the kind of thing I do.

Dignity Gift to the One Who Sings

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