2. Thyroid: Hypothalamus and Fractal of Two

I was in touch with Fred over the weekend.  He reported being emotionally in an unusual place.  He couldn’t quite put language to it, but it was not his norm, and it was not good.  He also needed more sleep and was pretty under-energized for three days.

This was no surprise.  On the one hand, we had removed a very significant AHS that had kept him secretly tied to his sexual abuser all these years.  Second, we had prayed for a lot of alignment work in his hypothalamus.  Either of those could have destabilized him.

By Tuesday he had his feet under him and came in for another round.  It was with great anticipation/concern that we tested his hypothalamus.  To my immense surprise, it was EXACTLY even at the start.  I am not sure I have ever had someone perfectly connected and balanced even after manual bridging.  The fact that the connection from five days ago held was quite astounding and encouraging.

We will continue to check that every time, but we now have a lightly held hypothesis that a chronic disconnect in the hypothalamus could be the result of a breach in the fractal of two.  Let me repeat that one result is simply a data point.  It takes at least two incidents to have even the smallest pattern.

Nonetheless, our half baked potatoes don’t have the negative side effects a lot of meds do, so we can afford to experiment.  At the end of this blog is a prayer you can embrace or edit to your personal tastes about a number of facets of the fractal of two, since it is much larger than simply gender issues.  If you have any doubts about the condition of your hypothalamus, feel free to pray this for yourself or your family once or regularly.

After a Prophet-brief celebration of the progress with the hypothalamus, I had Megan turn her formidable probe in the direction of the Pituitary that is quite modestly called the Master Gland in deference to its being the multifaceted, highly opinionated, intrusive, hard working Prophet portion of the endocrine system.

Here we have four points.  There are the right and left sides of the posterior and anterior pituitary.

The first test can only be described as ragged.  All four readings were far from synchronized with anything, anywhere.  All were in the normal range of 45-65 but not clustered at all.

One of our experimental tools is frequencies.  We decided to expose the pituitary to some music in the key of C major which we think matches the Prophet design.

The results were intriguing.  The right side of the pituitary came from 11.7 points apart to being only 1.4 points apart.  The left side moved farther apart.  Obviously this is something to try again in different contexts, but it is not the panacea at the present.

My second tool was prayer.  I worked the pituitary over with all of the language I could think of and we retested.  It promptly scrambled all the numbers that the music had somewhat sorted out.  When prayer backfires, that says to me there are critters or devices.

I called our seer and she reported a device.  I asked some strategic questions and we quickly identified a problem person in Fred’s background.  Did some clean up and sent him to rest for a bit since he was getting tired of being poked anyway.

When the dust had settled from the cleansing, we tested one last time.  The results were very interesting.  The posterior pituitary was nearly balanced at 63.7 and 64.2.  Half a point apart is amazing after where we had been.

The anterior pituitary was at 54.2 and 51.3.  That is not as close as we would like, and it certainly is far from the posterior.

So the question at present is, “What is right?”

We don’t know.  We will park this for a bit, see what happens to Fred after all that meddling and pick up the story another day.

2. Thyroid: Hypothalamus and Fractal of TwoNew spiritual authority

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1. Thyroid: Hypothalamus and Gender

In the protocol we were taught for using the EAV machine, the first step is to check the hypothalamus to see if it is “connected.”  The test is simple with a point on each side of the head.  Ideally the readings are at least in the 60s and the two sides register very close to each other.

Historically, we have rarely had a person come in who had their hypothalamus “connected” at the beginning of the test.  The next step is for the practitioner to bridge the gap with their hands, putting the long finger of each hand on the test point on each side of the head, with their thumbs meeting in the top-middle of the head.

The practitioner would hold that position for a couple of minutes allowing their own energy to “connect” the client’s hypothalamus.  We would then retest, and most of the time the two sides were within a point of each other, which was good enough to go ahead.

There, were, however, times when this did not correct the problem.

I always wondered about that, but we learned that we could do a work around for that and keep going after the data we really wanted from the brain.  But the problem sat on the back burner and fussed at me for the last couple of years.

We are starting a new project this week looking at the thyroid in “Fred.”  There will be more about that later, but I was emphatic that we are going to start at the top, not the middle.

The thyroid is heavily influenced by the pituitary which is influenced by the hypothalamus, so we need to figure out what is going on with the hypothalamus first and stop ignoring the problem.

Specifically, why is almost everyone off when they come in and why are they fixed so easily by the practitioner?  And if they are fixed that simply, does it hold?  My guess is that it goes out as easily as it goes in because the two hand bridge is just a patch, not a fix.

So, Fred became the subject of my crankiness on the topic.  On day one, we played it the old school way.  He tested unevenly.  Megan bridged.  He tested very close on the two sides after the bridge.  Old school works.  But would it hold?

When he came back the second time, he was two points off, which is really not too bad.  However, since I had an ax to grind, I wanted to see if I could fix it with prayer, without the bridge.

Since the hypothalamus clearly falls under the fractal of two for this exercise, I wondered what application of the fractal of two it could be:  time, receiving/giving; love/holiness; or gender?

The Spirit nudged me to go with gender first.  So I prayed a broad prayer about God being in perfect gender alignment.  As it says in Genesis, He made man in His image, male and female.  There is no gender conflict or misalignment in God.  He is fully both and they are fully in alignment.  So I asked that God’s perfect gender alignment would be established in Fred’s hypothalamus.

Megan retested.  Right side scored modestly lower than before.  Left side was dynamic and shot up much higher than before.  So we went from having a small discrepancy to having an extremely large one.

Cynic that I am about all things with silicon chips, I asked Megan to retest.  Same results.  Left side was intense.  Right was limp.  Discrepancy was immense.

Now I was on the warpath.  Clearly we had “something” going on here, but I didn’t know what, so I phoned a seer who happened to be available.  She reported a covering over the hypothalamus.  I asked God to remove it.  He did.  She saw an AHS.

Normally these days, they are so intimidated by me since they know who I am and what I know about them than there is little chatter.  Just get them out.  But the Holy Spirit punched pause and had me ask the AHS when it came into Fred.

The answer was very specific.  I asked Fred what he knew about that age, and he said it was when he had been molested.  I asked the AHS if it was paired with an AHS in the perp, and it said yes.

So, we removed both.

Fred was furious at the insidious nature of the whole thing since he had worked hard to get closure on the childhood junk.  To discover there was a subtle form of devouring going on all this time was horrifying.

I was vindicated in my hunch that the fractal of two involved gender in this case.  Clearly when I prayed for alignment and there was uncleanness in his hypothalamus, God could not answer the prayer, but it sure did destabilize things!

We asked God to clean up the hypothalamus and to align it with proper gender function, specifically removing victimization from the gender expression of the hypothalamus whatever that is.  We don’t have any profile for gender and hypothalamus except that it follows the fractal of two.

We will give this some time to settle out, then retest and see what the hypothalamus is like.

As always, one is a data point, not a pattern.  We will know more over time as we experiment with the testing, but for those of you who are doing brain or energy work, you might enrich the process through testing in two directions and giving us feedback.

If you have someone who you know has been molested, you might explore whether there is still any sort of hidden junk or imbalance in the hypothalamus.

And for those of you who are routinely using an EAV machine, where you have clients who are open, you might try praying gender alignment to the hypothalamus instead of doing the manual bridge to see if you get any sort of consistent results.

We will continue this topic intermittently over the next few months as we experiment with good old Fred.  Might be a few weeks before we actually get to the thyroid, considering how much drama surrounded the hypothalamus

Copyright November 2015 by Arthur Burk

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