7. Tracy: Brain Function Score Card

First an apology.  My schedule this spring has run away from me, so there has been a lot of communication from Tracy that has not made it into the blog yet.  We are here picking up a conversation that has been suffering from benign neglect.

In the last blog about Tracy’s pursuit of intimacy with God, I suggested she sort her pleasure points into categories.  Going back to the beginning of this project, my assumption was that we had to deal with spirit, soul and body.  Each had to own a part of Tracy not being able to feel the love of God the way she hears others experiencing.

I choose to start with the body, because we are talking about “feeling.”  She knows God loves her in many ways, but the objective is for her to experience God, not just know in a faith way that He loves her.  A person can experience God with their spirit, without any physical involvement, but more commonly, it involves our body.  Feeling is a neurological activity.  So my premise was that Tracy had developed many areas of her brain, but some of the wiring needed for feeling God was underdeveloped.

We looked at where she felt generic soul pleasure.  She made a list, then I asked her to sort the list into categories.

Here is her first run.

Taste and smell

#1        Apple pie

#3       Baked salmon



#2       Fishing

#15      Wide open spaces

#18      Camping

#23     Hiking



#4       Hugs from kids

#19      Company of brothers

#20     Goofy friend


Staying warm

#6       Whirlpool – swimming

#7       Electric mattress cover

#28     Soft warm hoodie


Blessing others

#8       Socks for the homeless

#12      Baking for others

#24     Asking little girls if they are a princess


Pampering myself

#9       Pedicure

#21      Wearing a tiara

#26     Gold colored sandals


My creativity

#11      Ordering seeds to plant from catalogue

#22     Rock garden

#29     Re-decorated bathroom

#31      Deck storage seat


Country living

#13      Fresh cut hayfield

#14      New baby calves

#25     Collecting eggs


Quiet times

#16      Time with God in special chair

#17      Sitting on deck listening to the peaceful silence


Now the question is, “So what?”  How do we get from these functional soul dynamics to a spiritual/emotional/physical connection with God?

I would reorganize these into broader categories.

Try just three.

-Physical gratification

Here I would put the smell of apple pie, the warm hoodie and other things like that.  Clearly her neurological pathways work for experiencing normal pleasure from ordinary stuff in life using the five senses.  No deficits there.

-Emotional gratification

Here I would put planning, like ordering seeds; doing, like hiking and fishing; savoring, like the wide open spaces.  Her soul seems to be in very good shape.  She can enjoy things that come to her, like seeing a newly mowed field, or she can plan and pursue an activity that will make her feel good and experience the anticipated pleasure when it happens the way she planned.  Solid stuff.

-Relational gratification

Here you have receiving hugs from kids and giving the title of a princess to a little girl.  Again, a nice range of functional neurological pathways in both receiving and giving.  She may not have a community as diverse or as deeply gratifying as she would like, but her brain is capable of experiencing positive experiences in community, when those community experiences occur.

Now the question is, “So what?”  How do we get from these functional soul dynamics to a spiritual/emotional/physical connection with God?

Here is my point.  Suppose you want to have water in some area of your garden.  You need some pipes to get it there.  The pipes contribute nothing to the growth of a plant.  But you have to have boring, inert pipes in place, before you can possibly have water running in the pipes.  So, we have verified that there are pipes in the brain, and they can carry a signal.

She might be lacking community at the scale she would like, but when a little person runs to her and launches a monster hug at her, the neurology works and she “feels” pleasure from that experience.

To summarize:  she can experience pleasure from her body’s five physical senses.  She can experience the pleasure of giving herself pleasure in cognitive and physical ways.  And she can experience pleasure from community.  The brain is functional in the category of pleasure.

Frankly, I am surprised at this report.  I had expected to find some significant deprivation in the pleasure center of her brain, but that does not seem to be the case.

So the question on the table at this point is what is blocking her from experiencing the spirit, like she experiences the soul?

I will process that with her a bit, in private, then continue the experimentation here on the blog.

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From a bird-song graced spring morning in Austria

6. Tracy: The Last 20

Here is the rest of her list.


#11     Looking at the new seed catalogue and anticipating the beautiful flowers that will be blooming throughout my yard and on my deck this summer

#12    Baking and sharing it with others

#13    The smell of a fresh cut hay field when I’m driving down the road with my car windows open

#14    New baby calves in the springtime as they run about kicking up their heels

#15    The wide open spaces and the endless blue sky where you can see for miles

#16    My time with God in my special chair as I just sit and wait

#17    Sitting on the deck in the cool of the evening listening to the peaceful silence

#18    Camping and the smell of bacon frying on the campfire early in the morning

#19    Enjoying the company of my funny and witty brothers. They make me laugh

#20   My goofy friend makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts

#21    Wearing the tiara I bought so I could feel like a princess

#22   My new rock garden that I created last summer

#23   Hiking

#24   The look on little girls’ faces when I ask them if they are a princess

#25   Collecting the chicken eggs on a farm

#26   My beautiful gold colored sandals

#27   Winning first prize at the fair for a cake I baked

#28   My soft green zip-up hoodie feels like a warm hug

#29   Re-decorating my very plain bathroom

#30   Picking berries for pies

#31   Building a deck storage seat at a wood working course


So, Tracy, you are far more alive than you thought you were.  There is a wide spectrum of areas you already find pleasure in.  You just had not languaged them as part of your treasure chest, and you had not been overt about anticipating, being in the moment and savoring after the fact.

Having those three tools from the PTSD set will enable you to take what already produced a sparkle in your brain to build a very large pleasure center which we will use in the next step.

I don’t know if you like to sort or not.  For some people, categorizing is a pain in the neck.  For others it is a revelatory experience.   I don’t want you to do this next step if it is going to be a discipline, since I don’t want to intrude duty into your pleasure center unnecessarily.  But if you find pleasure in sorting, then you could sort these a number of different ways.

There is the visual of the blue sky and the tactile of fishing and the olfactory of the pie.

Or there is the physical of your hoody and the emotional of your coat.

Or there is the solitary experience of gathering eggs and the experience in community of asking a girl if she is a princess.

For me, it would be interesting to see which areas produce the most pleasure for you and which the least.  And how you feel about that.  I find my greatest pleasures alone and that bugs the living daylights out of my gregarious friends who want to mooch off my pleasure, but I am really, magnificently OK with solitude.  On the other hand, I have a deep craving for nuanced smells at the right time, but am sad when I look at my list and see how rarely I experience those pleasures.

So if you want to, sort and comment.  No pressure.

I am going to park this for a week.  Now that you have had this insight into who you are, I would like you to work vigorously at growing the nerve center for one week, and get back to me next Thursday with a report of anything you can report.  It might be too soon to sense anything different, but the way you are tearing into this project, there might be something measurable.

Then I will launch the next phase of the project.New spiritual authority

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From the Hub, after hours


5. Tracy: Beginning to Feel

Well, Tracy is progressing outrageously fast.  The sin of smugness is multiplying like rabbits here in Anaheim.

Here is an excerpt from her latest email.

I do know that since I have written what I have I am more aware of enjoying life experiences as they happen and to bask in that enjoyment at the time. 

I also listened to Brain Rot and am now looking for glory stories – at least one a day.

I also want to thank those who have written in and commented on the blog. Their prayers and encouragement make a huge difference. I don’t feel like I am going through this alone. I appreciate their support. Thanks.

I feel glad and sad over this report.  She has worked so hard at deliverance and inner healing without growing in intimacy.  And when she first read my email, asking for 30 examples of pleasure, it was like a slap in the face because she could not feel.  Never had.  And now, with this ultra-simplistic little exercise, we have significant progress in a couple of weeks.  I sooooo wish more people would add brain repair work to their deliverance and inner healing.

Also notice that there has been a lot of pleasure in her life up until now.  Her brain was registering it as pleasure, but her soul was not allowing her to feel and enjoy her joy.  So the stories she is reporting below come from real life experience where she felt pleasure but had no permission to feel pleasure.


So, #1 was the apple pie in the previous blog.

2.     Fishing

I did not realize how much I enjoyed this experience until I started to write about it.

I love to fish. Now, I don’t mean from those big rigs where you hire someone with a huge boat that is all set up with the fishing gear connected to the edge of the boat and when there is a tug on the line you run to your fishing rod at your station and try to reel the fish in. I mean real fishing. It’s been a few years since I have gone fishing, but oh the fun and the joy when I can go. Whether it’s in the ocean, a river, a lake, or a stream it’s always time well spent. I went salmon fishing off the west coast. We didn’t have a boat to go off shore so we used the next best thing – hip waders. Fishing in the ocean can be tricky when you are wearing hip waders as you have to walk out with the tide and walk in with the tide. So I slip on my hip waders, grab my fishing rod, and try to attach a worm onto the hook as it tries to wrap itself around my fingers when I poke the hook through it. I hate the sensation of it wiggling on my fingers. Maybe next time I will wear a thin pair of gloves to do that job. I walk out into the ocean walking with the tide, continually throwing my line out into the waters. I see the hook and worm hit the water and sink. I wait as I slowly reel in the line. I do this several times anticipating the thrill when something hits the line. And then I feel it – the tug on the line. I give a quick jerk on the line to set the hook – then the fun begins. I lift the tip of the rod into the air to pull the line part way out of the water and closer to me. Then I let it down, all the time reeling in the line. My thoughts race – Is he going to stay on the line? Is he going to break the line? Did I just snag him and he’ll break free? All the while I’m doing this I am walking backwards towards the shore. I do not want to be in deep waters now as I fight to keep him on the line. Besides the tide may turn and start coming in anytime. My line gets shorter as I continue to fight with him and reel him in. I continue to back up until I am in shallow enough water that he can no longer put up much of a fight. He is flopping around on the sand of the ocean bottom. I now have two choices. I can grab the net or the fish bonker. I choose the fish bonker. I win!

Now, that’s fishing!

3.     The taste of fresh salmon baked in butter and lemon

4.     Hugs from little friends.

I don’t see these two little guys very often. But when I do, the initial meeting of the older one is met with a run at me throwing his arms around my legs and squeezing hard. He’s ready to tackle me to the ground.

The younger one approaches a little more slowly and cautiously. He has a quirky little grin on his pudgy little face. He continues to grin as he takes his turn to wrap his little arms around my legs.

This gives me such pleasure knowing that this will be their greeting when I see them this summer. They will be older and bigger so I better brace myself.

5.     New coat

I bought a new coat last fall. It’s not heavy enough for the cold winter days but it will be great for spring, fall, and warmer winter days. It is a beautiful, above the knee length, and very slimming gray coat. Two months ago I put on my new coat to wear to church. I had been anticipating this day, knowing how good I would feel sporting that new coat – then just before I headed out the door I changed to my everyday winter coat. I lost my courage. It went back into the closet. I kept thinking about that coat and anticipating the day I would wear it. This past Sunday I put on my new gray coat to wear to church. I felt good, I looked good. I didn’t need anybody else’s approval. I had God’s. I was styling. I rocked it! – at least I thought I did and that’s what counts. I still smile when I think about wearing my new gray coat.

6.     Swimming

From the moment I step into the cool waters of the large swimming pool to practice, I anticipate the pleasure of going to the lazy river in 40 – 45 minutes. Oh, the lazy river, where the water is considerably warmer and the current is running at a nice pace. And best of all there is a whirl pool at one end of the lazy river with a seating ledge around the inside of it with jets pounding out that considerably warm water. After a few rounds against the current in that lazy river I can sit on the ledge and let those jets pound out that warm water on my back, my shoulders, the bottoms of my feet, and where ever else I can position my body in line with the jets. I love the feel of the gentle massage on my body from the jets and my body is no longer chilled from the large pool of cool water.

7.     Electric mattress cover

I never knew how much I would enjoy my electric mattress cover. I can anticipate the warmth of this cover anytime during the day or five minutes before I go to bed. I live in a cold climate and start out working in a cold building until the furnace warms it up. It is easy to get chilled and feel cold all day. I enjoy slipping into that bed that is heated to whatever level of temperature I set it at. My body appreciates the heat and I just lie there absorbing it. I bend my knees so that my feet get the warmth of the heated cover through the flannel sheets. Then minutes later I can straighten out my legs and feel the warmth the whole length of my body. Oh! does that feel good.

8.    Sharing a good deal

I don’t like to pay full price if I don’t have to. And whenever I get a good deal, I’m smiling! I had gone into the hardware store in the nearby city to purchase the gloves that I wear for work. There was a bin of 6 pack men’s socks – heavy and warm. They were regularly priced at $9.99 for the pack. They were discounted to $5.99. I consider I scored a good deal. There is a drop-in center that just opened up in this city that provides daytime and evening support for the homeless. They quite often make an appeal for socks, gloves, and hats for those at the center. So 3 packs later I’m at the center to drop them off for those less fortunate. Now that’s a good feeling. Smiling again.

9.     Pedicure

I had never had a pedicure before. But I decided I wanted to treat myself so I booked myself a pedicure.  I choose the color I want my toes to be painted. The lady leads me to the chair where she will be working on my feet. I sit back in it and she instructs me to put my feet in the water. Then she asks if I would like a drink – coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water. Hot chocolate would be my beverage of choice since I don’t like coffee or tea and water is so blasé when you’re having a pedicure. She begins to work on my feet. I push a button on the arm of the chair and immediately the chair begins to massage my back. I choose where I want the pressure of the massage and how deep. Oh does this feel good. I lean back and relax with my cuppa hot chocolate, the chair massaging my back and the lady working on my feet. I close my eyes and enjoy. This will definitely not be my last pedicure.

And to add to that, I go to pay only to have the cashier tell me that someone had called in and paid for my pedicure, tip and all. I am loved!

10.     Square plates

I used to live in a small town in another area. Once in a while I would travel to another city to shop. I found a store that sold different kinds of dishes among other things. I am not one to collect items just for the sake of collecting. There was an assortment of square dinner plates in this store. I liked them. They averaged around $8 to $10 a plate. I consider that to be pricey. But I wanted one. So I bought one. So over a period of a couple years every time I went to that city I would buy one plate, each one different from the other. I have since moved but I have this little stack of 10 square dinner plates in my cupboard – some brightly covered, some with very little color. Every once in a while I take out one of those square plates and enjoy my meal on my special plate. I take my time as I eat my meal and it makes me feel special.


Clearly Tracy is in better shape than she thought.  She has more Scrabble letters on her tray than she knew.  We are just rearranging them.  She already knows how to anticipate, be in the moment (especially with fishing and her little friends) and is learning how to savor.  This exercise should be a discipline for a year and by then it will become a lifestyle.

She is moving so aggressively and is in such good shape that as soon as she finishes her list of 30, we will be able to transition from pleasure to joy.  This is a large step forward in experiencing intimacy with people, then ultimately with God.

Now there are many other tools we will explore along the way besides brain work, but this is our starting point so the others can build on an intensely sizzling brain.

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4. Tracy: Blocking

Tracy wrote back and said she didn’t feel much of anything.  Hadn’t for years.  The idea of a list of 30 things sounded like a total impossibility.

This is no real surprise.  It is one of the various methods of dealing with deep pain.  We call it blocking.  It is a survival mechanism to get you through the tough parts of life.  It is not the only one but many counselors react with horror over a person not being in touch with their emotions.  I am much more laid back about it.  When a child opts for that, it is not a complicated, thought out process.  It is simply a survival mechanism.

Many people who do not default to blocking turn instead to self-medicating their pain because it is too intense to feel all the time.  The consequences of self-medicating tend to be pretty grim in terms of damage done to the body and soul and your place in society.  The consequences to blocking mean you have little community with God or man.  So pick your poison.  There is no great way to deal with trauma in childhood.

I simply meet people where they are and begin to rebuild what they do have instead of shaming them for their response to the pain that wasn’t their fault.  I bless their drive to survive.

When she leaned into the task — and carrying the heavy end of the log is something many people who have had a tough childhood know how to do — she discovered that there was a beginning place, although the idea of a list of 30 was overwhelming.

Here is her first run.

I baked an apple pie today and I am savoring the smell of the cinnamon and the fresh baked apples in it. It fills the room with such a warm satisfying smell and I anticipate the first bite when I have it after my supper meal. It will still be warm and I may enjoy it so much I will probably have a second piece. Even the golden brown juices that have escaped out the vent holes in the top crust look gooey and yummy. – This is me practicing.

When I started making the list I realized that there are things I enjoy but I have never savored them or felt any feelings towards the experience. They were just good experiences. I can continue working on the list, practice the savoring part, and encourage my brain to be in the moment.

Re-listening to the cd showed me how to be more aware of opportunities where I may be able to seize the moment and anticipate and savor experiences.

Go, Tracy, go!  You nailed it. 

The lifelong habit of pain avoidance causes a person to accidentally slip into feeling nothing good either.  But she has a clear mind, strong will and good focus.  A few thousand exercises like this will massively expand her brain’s ability to feel the emotion of pleasure on a large scale.

With that resource in place, we can then leverage it to the next big treasure point.

For now, I am feeling quite sinfully smug over here.  I clearly picked the right person to model this exercise for you all.  This girl can execute with precision and intensity.  Ya gotta love it!

YouTube Video:  Brain Rot

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3. Tracy: Starting the Brain Work

I queried Tracy in more detail about her experience with intimacy on the social level.  Her journey was a bit rougher than I had realized, and the short version is she does not have a track record of fulfilling, trust-based relationships with people.  That means that those networks are not in place in the brain for us to use for spiritual intimacy.  That is the bad news.

The good news is that we can grow them.

Now, understand that I fully believe that God can intervene in anyone’s brain, and anyone’s life, any time He wants to, with a stupendous invasion of intimacy that is totally effective, no matter how inadequate their brain is.  The spirit does not need the brain to connect with God.   We pray for that and hope for it.  But while we wait for the miracle, we use the principles.

This is an experiment to see if we have enough tools in our kit to connect Tracy to God in an intimate fashion.  If we fail, it is not because of her, it is because the Body of Christ worldwide has not developed enough skills.


So let’s begin.

Tracy, there are two areas of your brain that we want to develop.  The first is pleasure and then is joy.  Pleasure is what you can experience alone as you interface with the natural world.  Joy has been defined by Dr. Wilder as the emotion you feel when someone is glad to see you.  So joy is dependent on others, and there have been seasons in all of our life when just about no one was glad to see us come – and it doesn’t build the right nerve cluster when they are glad to see us go!

So in those seasons, we turn to the pleasure portion of our brain and begin to vigorously develop our ability to feel intensely those things that feel good.  Often intimacy with God begins with shared pleasure.  And there are pleasures that people share and some that they don’t.

Megan does not like hot drinks or milk.  I, by contrast, love milk and really love my hot chocolate.  So while hot chocolate brings me great pleasure, it is not a pleasure we share.  On the other hand, we both find pleasure in a finely crafted sentence and can have a certain level of relationship around a shared pleasure, even though that is a lesser thing than joy.

So we develop the pleasure center since it builds a foundation for the joy that is our eventual goal.

We start with pleasure felt by your body, then soul and then – ideally – spirit.

Today is Sunday.  I am in the office briefly waiting for my long awaited storm to blow in.  It is already raining, but there is no wind, and I want to see the waves and feel the rain stinging in my face as the wind blows.  I will leave in less than an hour, seeking a deep pleasure experience in body and soul, and possibly something spiritual to boot.

So my pleasure right now:  the sound of rain in the gutter outside my office; the warm wool shirt; the color of the shirt and how it matches my jeans; the sound of my boots on the warehouse floor; the taste of the hot chocolate I am sipping.

Let’s start there for you.  See if you can make me a list of 30 things that bring you pleasure.  Some will be repetitive, like hot coffee on a cold morning.  Others will be occasional like eating strawberries picked on a dewy summer morning.

And, as I pointed out in the PTSD album, there are three steps to building the nerve pathways.  Anticipation, being in the moment, and savoring afterwards.

I baked pineapple upside down cake this morning.  It is my third attempt to craft a recipe I can live with.  I am such a cranky old curmudgeon when it comes to recipes.  My way or no way.

I did something new today and am on tiptoe with expectation (inside, at least – physically I am sort of still sitting) to see how it came out.  The timer will ding in 3.8 minutes, and I will remove it from the oven and let it cool a few hours before I flip it and taste it.  I am anticipating the visual appeal and then the taste and texture in a few hours when I come back from my storm chasing.

Use the tools in the album, build a list of things that bring you pleasure and practice anticipating, being in the moment and then savoring after the fact.

Send me your list, and describe one of each of the three points on the savoring sequence.

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From the Hub, listening to the rain

P.S.  The visual pleasure was high.  I think I might have nailed it.  One for the keeper file.

2. Tracy: The Big Frame

When Tracy contacted me I was very up front that I have helped a LOT of people find intimacy with God, but have not been able to crack a tough nut yet, since I have not had anyone who would spend long enough to exhaust the tools I had.  She said she would like to run with it.

So here is my grid as a logician.  This is how I solve problems in the lab.

First I look at what right is.

Simply put, in this situation, there is a transmitter and a receiver.  Both have to be functional for there to be intimacy.  God is never broken.  He is at times silent, but His transmitter is not broken, and over as long a period as Tracy has been seeking God, there is every reason to believe that God has been reaching out to her some of the time.  AND God has an extremely detailed master plan of how each person’s receiver works.  So God is not the problem.  But there is a problem, so it must be in the receiver.  We know that Tracy is plugged in, spinning the dial, reading the instruction manual and doing everything possible with her will to connect with the frequency of God’s love, so it is not lack of will or engagement on her part that causes the problems.

Second, I take the problem and try to break it down in pieces so I can see what works and what doesn’t.

Clearly, we are dealing with spirit, soul and body.  All three can contribute to a broken connection.  In absolute terms, you can experience God with your spirit alone, but that is usually the result of someone who has an encounter initiated by God, or they have worked for many years to connect with God spirit to Spirit.  So pragmatically, we could have problems in one, two or three sectors.

Third, I look at possible obstructions.

Here we have the usual collection of critters, trauma bonds, devices and generational issues.  Any or all of those could be obstructing the transmission of God’s love, exacerbating the problems in the receiver, or they could be the sole cause of the problem.  Her receiver could be in perfect condition, just blocked by one of those.

Fourth, I look at where there has and has not been work already done.  No point in reinventing the wheel.

Clearly there has been a ton of work on all of item #3.  And in item #2, she has had a lot of inner healing for her soul.  The possibility remains there might be some work yet to be done in the areas she has already worked, but we have as a starting point the fact that Tracy has invested a LOT into this journey already, which makes my job a lot easier.

Fifth, I evaluate where to start based on risk and potential ROI.

In terms of risk, there seems to be little.  She is not in crisis.  There are not 20 other ministries competing with me for her attention.  If I fail at any point, nothing will get worse except the discouragement.  So that is not a factor I need to consider.

When I have a well honed set of tools, I can determine where I will get the greatest ROI pretty easily.  However, when I am starting a project, there is no such grid, so everything is just a guess.

With that amount of vagueness, I have decided to go with the areas that have had the least work, and where she can do basic things herself.  Not exactly a profound approach, but hey, we work with what we have.

With that in mind, I asked her to listen to the PTSD album.  This is not a diagnosis she has, but this teaching has some of my best material about intentionally growing neurological pathways in the brain, so I asked her to become acquainted with the tools I shared there so we could modify them a bit and apply them to a different area of the brain.

My logic is that her troubled childhood kept her from developing the brain pathways that we would normally use for intimacy with man or God.  So we will start there, to be sure that this part of the receiver is working.

I am going to go off-line and have some email dialog with her, and when we are on the same page, I will return and explain her first assignment.  PTSD SLG Coaching blog

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1. Tracy: In Pursuit of God

We are starting a new series here.  A lady whom we will call Tracy wrote me.  Her story is one that I have heard many, many times.

She was born into a less than perfect family.  She met Christ.  She was introduced to deliverance and inner healing.  Tracy has spent large amounts of time and money going to all sorts of big names and no names looking for healing.

Along the way, a lot of things bounced (like they do with all of us) and some things took.  She is in a better place than 30 years ago.

However, in spite of all the amazing people she has listened to and all of the ministry she has received, she has not a shred of intimacy with God.

Like I said, an old, old story.

Most who write me about this particular flavor of deep pain come with a spirit of accusation, either against God or against religion and the inner healing movement that has over-promised and under delivered.

Tracy got my attention because she came with a spirit of sonship and said frankly that she was tired of things that didn’t work, but she still had a burn in her to connect with God.  She knew that any strategies that came from me would be primarily about a DIY approach, but she proclaimed her willingness to lean in one more time if I thought I had something more than she had already been through.

I wrote back, commended her on her emotional outlook about the situation and said I didn’t know if I could help her, but I was sure that I had some tools that others had not tried yet.  I proposed working with spirit, soul and body, not just one of them and said it would take some time.  I also asked if I could disguise her story a bit and blog it here, since others follow the same painful path.

She was a bit cautious about sharing her journey, since she is not a denizen of the blogosphere, so I told her I would send her the first one for her to approve before I posted it.  She has approved this, since it is sanitized enough to be the story of 10,000 other people, so we are off and running.  I will share my ideas.  She will share what she did with them and whether anything worked.

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