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Our home office is in Anaheim. This fine Ruler city has been used by the King twice before for significant spiritual transformation around the world. We are honored that He has selected such a wonderful home base for the work we do.

We do not have a retail store, nor a ministry center here. This is a research and production center, so we are not set up for visitors, whether announced or drop in.

Office hours are held quite loosely. Someone from our team is usually in and answering the phone during normal business hours, but we are a very nimble company, more committed to synchronizing with the King than with our customers.

Should He need something done either in the prayer closet or in the field, we can and do abandon the phones and follow His directives with alacrity.

The best way to communicate with us is by e-mail. We are pretty good about responding to most e-mails within 48 hours, although there does seem to be an inverse relationship between the length of the e-mail and the speed with which it gets a reply.
2367 W. La Palma Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92801


    • says

      Hello Jeffrey,
      If you would like to explore with us in more detail, I suggest that you send an e-mail to “”. Then we can discuss your situation and see whether we have any tools to help you.


  1. Juliane Mueller says

    Concerning the post “The Juggler” from April 9, 2015
    Today I read the post “The Juggler” but couldn’t leave a comment there, so I do it here:
    The thing with the synchronized motion AND the color for preparing the environment for God to establish His throne and government somehow landed deep in my spirit and it gave me some more revelation and understanding.
    I am into dancing with flags and this IS color AND motion. Sometimes, before a service, conference, ministering or intercession session I use the flags to help shifting or supporting the atmosphere in the venue. Once, someone told me he saw angels entering the room while I was doing this. (I can’t see this myself, I just do what I sense is right to do in that moment.) So now after reading the blog it makes even more sense for me to do this.
    And – although I am not (yet) part of a flag dancing group – I now can see the importance of the synchronized flag waving of two or more people in worship sessions in order to prepare establishing God’s government.
    For me personally it encourages me a lot to go deeper with the colors I am very much drawn to at the moment, not only with flags but also with clothing and room decoration because this is surely a gift from God to establish his presence through it.

    Thank you for everything you post!

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  2. Nancy Myers says

    I would love to find the Egyptian curse prayers mentioned on your website, but I am having difficulty locating them. I don’t know whether having bedbugs in my home 5 times in 7 years qualifies under the Egyptian curse or not, but not only have they slowed down my life, changing clothes on the back porch every time I reenter my house and putting them from the bin into the dryer, but with each of the 5 occurances they have stopped my life and emptied my bank account (to the tune of over $6000 so far) as preparation for the 3 to 6 week treatment demands immediate attention and hours of work. (I’m not even discussing the bites, weeks of itching and fear of going to bed to sleep.) I would love to move on with my life instead of living each day by avoiding theaters, restaurants, not sitting down in doctor”s offices, forbidding friends or relatives to enter my house, etc. One “sit down” or one decision not to change clothing could cost me thousands of dollars, untold hours of work and yet another emotonal meltdown.

    Thank you for your work on behalf of God’s people.


  3. angiekrogman says

    Praising God. I feel like I do not have a full grasp of what is going on but am seeing Godspeed to repeat situations and where before the worst that could happen would happen and now we are speedily pulled through or spared. For example this morning’s glory story. – We have an unpleasant history with water heaters. Yes water heaters. This has followed us to every home of our marriage. They have rusted repeatedly, burst and cause insurance claims, or for some unknown reason unexplainable to technicians it just won’t produce hot water! We have been in this house 8 years and have had the water heater replaced 3 times. We have been having rust in our water so we called the fixer people to come have a look. The appointment was this morning at 8:30. The night before the basement was picked up of all toys and generally flood safeties just in case. When the repair person arrived he found that the tank had burst. He felt about an hour before he got here. The water was contained to the furnace room and the drain was handling the flow no problem. He caught it soon enough to drain the bulk by hose directly into the drain. He was amazed at how “lucky” we were. No hot water til tomorrow but new light industrial water heater being replace promptly and will meet the needs of our large family. Praise God. Has anyone else seen situations repeating since the prayers for Egyptian blessing to flow but with different blessed outcomes?


    • says

      Interesting nuance, Angie. In short, this is like the Hebrews being exempted from the plagues on the Egyptians, but still being in Egypt. Glad your consequences were minimal, but looking forward to your water heaters lasting. My grandma had a five year heater that lasted 35 years. That is the blessing of the desert where things did not wear out.

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  4. Lisa McNair says

    I am now receiving the blog of the Egyptian Curse, thanks so much.
    However I need to read through the whole background information, to get a proper perspective and history of it. Each time I click on Egyptian Curse it just brings up the latest ones. Please could you advise me what to do?!!!
    I attended the Discernment and Deliverance seminar in Pretoria on Saturday. What an interesting and challenging 9 hours we had there. Thanks so much. I shall be practising as taught by Arthur!


  5. John Seaman says


    Re neurotoxins: Most neurotoxins act by blocking neuro-chemical transmission at the neuro-muscular junction. Oxygen not really involved or helpful in reversing this. Since the worst complication of a neurotoxin is respiratory paralysis, lack of oxygen is a secondary problem. Here, ventilation (e.g. mechanical if necessary) is the primary treatment, sometimes oxygen is necessary. For most envenomations, supportive care is about the only available – fluids, pain meds, sometimes muscle relaxants. The most definitive treatments are anti-venoms. These are antibodies from people or animals who have been exposed to the venom – either accidentally or intentionally. These are available for many snake species, one type of scorpion, for stonefish, and for bacterial neurotoxins: botulism and tetanus.

    So…. perhaps spiritual application: those most effective in prayer are those who have already been exposed to the effects of the Egyptian curse and have overcome, thus producing an “anti-venom” that could help others.



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